Jews in Dialogue

Jewish Responses to the Challenges of Multicultural Contemporaneity. Free Ebrei Volume 2


Jews in Dialogue discusses Jewish post-Holocaust involvement in interreligious and intercultural dialogue in Israel, Europe, and the United States. The essays within offer a multiplicity of approaches and perspectives (historical, sociological, theological, etc.) on how Jews have collaborated and cooperated with non-Jews to respond to the challenges of multicultural contemporaneity. The volume’s first part is about the concept of dialogue itself and its potential for effecting change; the second part documents examples of successful interreligious cooperation. The volume includes an appendix designed to provide context for the material presented in the first part, especially with regard to relations between the State of Israel and the Catholic Church.

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Magdalena Dziaczkowska started her PhD in 2018 at Lund University (Center for Theology and Religious Studies). Her field of interest covers contemporary Jewish-Christian relations, and her doctoral project focuses on interwar Poland.
Adele Valeria Messina, PhD (2013), University of Calabria, is a member of the Association for Jewish Studies. Her research interests specially focus on the history of the Holocaust. She is the author of American Sociology and Holocaust Studies (2017).
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part 1: Historical and Sociological Dimension

1 Historical Developments of the Term Ger Toshav and the Halakhic Implications therein for Relating to Non-Jews
Raanan Mallek

2 Halakhic Guidelines for Relating to Non-Jews in the State of Israel
Raanan Mallek

3 The People, the Land and the Law: Jewish-Israeli Religious Zionists in Dialogue Groups with Palestinians
Carolina Grinsztajn Frimer, Ifat Maoz, and Yiftach Ron

4 Jewish-Christian Relations and Modern Developments: the Role of the Chief Rabbinate in Interreligious Dialogue
Yaron Catane

5 From Jewish Resistance to Intercultural Solidarity: Antiracism and Identity Politics in Immediate Postwar France
Johannes Heuman

6 The Return of the Voice: Holocaust and Jewish Roots in Adrienne Rich’s Testimonial Poems
Tian Zhang

7 Bridge Building in the Polish Jewish Landscape
Leora Tec

part 2: Book Reviews

8 Mary C. Boys and Sara S. Lee, Christians and Jews in Dialogue: Learning in the Presence of the Other
Marta Simó Sànchez

9 Jawdat Said, Vie islamiche alla non-violenza (Islamic Paths to Non-Violence)
Valentina Zecca


10 Interview of Rav Haim Cipriani about Open My Lips: The Paths of Jewish Prayer
Simona Stillitano

11 Participants Converse: Rabbi Giuseppe Laras and Monseigneur Giovanni Ferro. The Power of Interreligious Dialogue
Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman and Simona Stillitano

12 Serbia: Equation with Two Knowns
Nada Banjanin Đuričić and Marijana Stojčić

Readers interested in interreligious studies, intercultural dialogue, Jewish attitudes towards non-Jews; anyone concerned with the problems of “othering” and the role of religion in intercultural encounters.
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