Aristotle De Animalibus. Michael Scot's Arabic-Latin Translation, Volume 1a: Books I-III: History of Animals

A Critical Edition with an Introduction, Notes and Indices


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Aristotle's De Animalibus was an important source of zoological knowledge for the ancient Greeks and for medieval Arabs and Europeans. In the thirteenth century, the work was twice translated into Latin. One translation was produced directly from the Greek by William of Moerbeke. An earlier translation, made available as a critical edition in the present volume for the first time, was produced through an intermediary Arabic translation (Kitāb al-Ḥayawān) by Michael Scot (1175 - c. 1232). Scot's translation was one of the main sources of knowledge on animals in Europe and widely used until well into the fifteenth century. As a faithful translation of a translation produced by a Syriac-speaking Christian, the text contributes to our knowledge of Middle Arabic. The De Animalibus is composed of three sections: History of Animals (ten books), Parts of Animals (four books) and Generation of Animals (five books). Parts of Animals and Generation of Animals were published by BRILL as Volumes 5.2 and 5.3 of the book series ASL in 1998 (ASL 5.2) and 1992 (ASL 5.3). The present Volume 5.1.a contains the first section of Scot's translation of History of Animals: the general introduction and books 1-3, with Notes. Editions of the two concluding parts of History of Animals, ASL 5.1.b, books 4-6 and ASL 5.1.c, books 7-10, are in preparation. Complete Latin-Arabic and Arabic-Latin indices of History of Animals will be published in due course.

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Aafke M.I. van Oppenraaij, PhD. (1988), studied Classics and Arabic at the University of Amsterdam. She is a fellow of the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands in Amsterdam and the author of "Avicenna’s Liber De Animalibus (‘Abbreviatio Avicennae’), Preliminaries and State of Sffairs" in: Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale, XXVIII (2017), Amos Bertolacci e Tommaso Alpina (edd.), pp. 401-416. Previous publications in the book series ASL include The Letter before the Spirit: The Importance of Text Editions for the Study of the Reception of Aristotle, BRILL, 2012, Aristotle : De Animalibus. Michael Scot's Arabic-Latin Translation, Volume 2 Books XI-XIV: Parts of Animals, BRILL 1998, and Aristotle : De Animalibus. Michael Scot's Arabic-Latin Translation, Volume 3 Books XV-XIX: Generation of Animals, BRILL 1992.

1 General Remarks on the Text
2 The Arabic Exemplar
3 The Arrangement of the Edition
3.1 List of Conjectures
3.2 Short Bibliography of Cited Works
4 The Manuscripts
4.1 Base Manuscript for the Edition (by Erik Kwakkel)
4.2 Manuscripts of De Animalibus
5 Sigla

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De animalibus Liber I - Historia animalium I
De animalibus Liber II - Historia animalium II
De animalibus Liber III - Historia animalium III

Book I
Book II
Book III
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