Eastern Christianity and Late Antique Philosophy


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Readers of Eastern Christianity and Late Antique Philosophy will find a collection of authoritative papers from across the Neoplatonic and Eastern Christian traditions. It is only recently that scholars have started to take notice of the Eastern Christian engagement with late antique philosophical texts. This volume builds upon this new interest in order to show the dynamic nature of Neoplatonism and Eastern Christianity at a time when both faced a variety of challenges. The legacy of Greek philosophy in the Christian East fills the gap between the schools of Alexandria and Baghdad and brings into focus the intellectual history of the period. The aim of the volume is to stimulate interest in late antique philosophy and its reception in the Christian East.

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Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides is Associate Professor in Ancient History and Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2017-2021) in the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University. She has published monographs and articles on the use of religious traditions in ancient political agendas; her current focus is the reception of Greek philosophy in Christianity. Ken Parry is Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University. He has published papers and edited volumes on Byzantium and Eastern Christianity and is founding editor of the series Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity (Brill).
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Part 1 Identity and Terminology

1 Eastern Christianity and Late Ancient Philosophy: a Conspectus
Ken Parry

2 Philosophy and Theology in Late Antiquity: Some Reflections on Concepts and Terminologies
Johannes Zachhuber

Part 2 Greek Christian Thought

3 Drunk on New Wine (Acts 2:13): Drinking Wine from Plato to the Eucharist Tradition of Early Christian Thinkers
Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

4 Cyril of Alexandria’s Contra Iulianum: Imperial Politics, and Alexandrian Philosophy (c. 416–428)
Matthew R. Crawford

5 Philosophy as Transformation in Early Christian Thought
Michael Champion

6 Theology and Philosophy in the Late Patristic Discourse: Pure Existence, Qualified Existence, and the Arbor Porphyriana
Dirk Krausmüller

7 Translating Crisis into Logic: John Damascene’s Iconic Conceptualization of History vis-à-vis Late Neoplatonic Symbolism
Vassilis Adrahtas

Part 3 Proclus the Neoplatonist

8 Civic Virtues and the Goal of Likeness to God in Proclus’ Republic Commentary
Dirk Baltzly

9 Summarising Platonic Education in Proclus’ Reading of Plato’s Cave and Divided Line
Graeme Miles

Part 4 Pagans and Christians in Byzantium

10 Eunapius’ Lives of Philosophers and Sophists: Was He Constructing “Pagan Saints” in the Age of Christianity?
Han Baltussen

11 A Pagan Philosopher at the Imperial Court: the Case of Pamprepius
Meaghan McEvoy

12 Pagan and Christian Dream Theory in Maximus the Confessor
Bronwen Neil

Part 5 Syriac and Arabic Christian Thought

13 The Greek Jargon of Logic and East Syrian Intra-elite Conflicts in the Early Islamic Empire
Nestor Kavvadas

14 Pyrrho and Sextus Refuting Philosophy and the Value of Definition: on the Arabic Reception of the Late Antique Prolegomena to Philosophy
Elvira Wakelnig

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