Echoes from a Child’s Soul

Awakening the Moral Imagination of Children


Echoes from a Child’s Soul: Awakening the Moral Imagination of Children presents remarkable poetry inspired by aesthetic education methodology created by children that were labelled academically, socially, and/or emotionally at-risk. Many children deemed average or below-grade level composed poetry beyond their years revealing moral imagination. Art psychology and aesthetic methodology merge to portray the power of awakening children’s voices once silenced. The children’s poetry heralds critical and empathic messages for our future. This book proposes an overwhelming need for change in America’s public-school education system so that no child is ignored, silenced, deemed less than, or marginalized.

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Chapter 1 Why Is Aesthetic Education Important?
Chapter 2 Releasing Hope
Chapter 3 Meeting Ruby Bridges
Chapter 4 Blue Lavender Wanderer
Chapter 5 Poetic Imagination
Chapter 6 Envisioning Thinking
Epilogue Moral Imagination in an Island Culture
Barbara A. Clark, Ed.D. (2004), University of Hartford, is Professor of Education at CCSU. She has published articles and book chapters on aesthetic education and moral imagination of children, including the co-authored book, Hearts & Minds without Fear (IAP, 2014).
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1 Why Is Aesthetic Education Important?
 1 Introduction
 2 Background
 3 Art and Moral Imagination in Child Development
 4 Visual Thinking, Art & Cognition
 5 Visual Thinking and Human Development
 6 Reflective Intelligence, Art and Moral Imagination
 7 Moral Imagination and Art

2 Releasing Hope: A Spiral of Light
 1 The Story of Emily

3 Meeting Ruby Bridges: Moral Imagination Released

4 Blue Lavender Wanderer: A Child’s Soulful Voice Revealed

5 Poetic Imagination

6 Envisioning Thinking: Heart to Heart
 1 What Do We Know?

7 Epilogue: Moral Imagination in an Island Culture: The Aran Island Child
 1 Creating the Island Map Mural
 2 The Aran Island Map Mural Travels to the Summit of Croagh Patrick: A Prayer for the Children of Our World

For artists, educators, parents and community leaders looking for inspirational change within educational systems, through arts and aesthetics methodology, building a child’s moral imagination, sense of self, voice and freedom.
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