Interactions in Interpretation

The Pilgrimage of Meaning through Biblical Texts and Contexts


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The concept of intertextuality was originally coined as an instrument in answering the question of how meaning is communicated through texts. The Interactions in Interpretation discusses various aspects of how the world of the Bible (seen as a world of a certain language: a complex of ideas, notions, images, idioms, stories, that are shared and referred to) communicates with other worlds in both directions. The collection of studies follows three types of interactions with marked bearing on understanding: (1) interactions with a particular motif of dream, (2) interactions with a particular text of Isa 6:9–10, (3) intertextuality in changing contexts.

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Jan Roskovec, Ph.D. (1966), Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, is assistant professor of New Testament studies at Protestant Theological Faculty and director of Centre for Biblical Studies. He has published mainly on exegesis and theology of Pauline epistles and Gospel of John.

Vít Hušek, Th.D. (1971), Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic, is associate professor of theology at that university and author of Ambrosiaster and the History of Salvation (OIKOYMENH 2017) and numerous articles on Greek and Latin patristics.

Part 1: To Understand a Dream – Interactions of a Motif

The Origin of Dreams in the Bible against the Background of the Greek Theories of Dreams
Filip Horáček

Ecclesiastes and Ecclesiasticus in Dispute: Are Dreams Permissible?
Filip Čapek

Mordecai’s Dream in Interaction with the Dreams of Joseph and Daniel
Petr Chalupa

What Did Paul Hear in the Third Heaven? The Second-Century Christian Debate on Paul’s Mystical Vision and Its Consequences
Piotr Ashwin Siejkowski

The Double Interpretation of Eliphaz’ Dream in Gregory the Great’s Morals on the Book of Job
Dominik Opatrný

Part 2: ‘To Listen, but Never Understand’ – Interactions of a Text (Isa 6:9–10)

The Strange Mission of Isaiah
Gabriela Ivana Vlková

A Blinding Message: The Paradox of Obstinacy in Early Christian Theology
Jan Roskovec

Isaiah 6:9–10 in the Ending of Luke-Acts
Petr Mareček

Isaiah 6:9–10 in Gnostic Interpretations
Zuzana Vítková

Part 3: To Understand Anew – Intertextuality in Interpretation

‘Do Not Go to Another Field.’ Late Antique Rabbinic-Patristic Exegetical Encounter over the Book of Ruth
Eleanor Jasmine Foo

‘Do Not Submit Again to a Yoke of Slavery.’ Liberation in Christ as a ‘New Exodus’ in Paul’s Letter to Galatians
Peter Cimala

Augustine on formae Christi. A Case Study of Inter(con)textuality
Pablo Irizar


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All interested generally in intertextuality and history of interpretation, and particularly in the interpretation of the Bible.
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