Denver’s Chinatown 1875-1900

Gone But Not Forgotten


Author: Jingyi Song
Denver’s Chinatown 1875-1900: Gone But Not Forgotten explores the coming of the Chinese to the Western frontier and their experiences in Denver during its early development from a supply station for the mining camps to a flourishing urban center. The complexity of race, class, immigration, politics, and economic policies interacted dynamically and influenced the life of early Chinese settlers in Denver. The Denver Riot, as a consequence of political hostility and racial antagonism against the Chinese, transformed the life of Denver’s Chinese, eventually leading to the disappearance of Denver's Chinatown. But the memory of a neighborhood that was part of the colorful and booming urban center remains.

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Jingyi Song, Ph.D. (2000), CUNY Graduate School, is Professor of History at SUNY at Old Westbury. She has published many book chapters, monographs, journal articles on Chinese Americans including her book Shaping and Reshaping Chinese American Identity, New York’s Chinese duirng the Depression and World War II (Lexinton Books, 2010).


1 The Coming of the Chinese
 1 Across the Pacific
 2 Around the Continent
 3 Coming to Denver

2 The Formation of Denver’s Chinatown
 1 The City and Chinatown
 2 Chinatown and Its Business
 3 Chinatown and Its Social Institutions

3 Women and Family
 1 The Coming of the Chinese Women and the Laws against Them
 2 Pioneer Denver’s Chinese American Women and Their Families

4 The Denver Riot, 1880
 1 Prelude
 2 The Riot
 3 Aftermath

5 Road to Acculturation
 1 Adjustment, Adaption and Engagement
 2 Reception and Acceptance by Denverites
 3 Chinese Sunday Schools in Denver
 Table 1: The age distribution of the Chinese men in Denver
 Table 2: The age distribution of the Chinese women in Denver
 Table 3: Occupation status of the Chinese in Denver, 1880 & 1900
 Table 4: Occupation status of the Chinese women in Denver, 1880 & 1900
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Students and scholars who are interested in urban, regional, cultural and ethnic studies as well as in the history of American West, immigration policies and Asian Americans.