Early Modern Catalogues of Imaginary Books

A Scholarly Anthology


For this bilingual (English-French) anthology of early modern fictitious catalogues, selections were made from a multitude of texts, from the genre’s beginnings (Rabelais’s satirical catalogue of the Library of St.-Victor (1532)) to its French and Dutch specimens from around 1700. In thirteen chapters, written by specialists in the field, diverse texts containing fictitious booklists are presented and contextualized. Several of these texts are well known (by authors such as Fischart, Doni, and Le Noble), others – undeservedly – are less known, or even unrecorded. The anthology is preceded by a literary historical and theoretical introduction addressing the parodic and satirical aspects of the genre, and its relationship to other genres: theatre, novel, and pamphlet.

Contributors: Helwi Blom, Tobias Bulang, Raphaël Cappellen, Ronnie Ferguson, Dirk Geirnaert, Jelle Koopmans, Marijke Meijer Drees, Claudine Nédelec, Patrizia Pellizzari, Anne-Pascale Pouey-Mounou, Paul J. Smith, and Dirk Werle.

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Anne-Pascale Pouey-Mounou is Professor of French language of the sixteenth century at Sorbonne University. She is the author of numerous publications on sixteenth-century poetry and Rabelais. Her publications include Panurge comme lard en pois. Paradoxe, scandale et propriété dans le Tiers Livre (2013).

Paul J. Smith is Professor of French Literature at Leiden University. He has published monographs, collective volumes and many articles on French Literature, including the co-edited volume Natural History in Early Modern France (2018).
"This anthology makes clear that more systematic research into the (satirical) genre of imaginary book catalogues is in order. Precisely the interaction between fiction and fact makes this genre so attractive and exciting." (translated from Dutch)

Rindert Jagersma, Radboud University, in JCW 43.2 (Mededelingen van de Stichting Jacob Campo Weyerman)
List of Illustrations
Notes on the Editors
Notes on the Contributors

1 Imaginary Booklists – History and Typology: an Introduction
Anne-Pascale Pouey-Mounou and Paul J. Smith

2 La Librairie de Saint-Victor et l’amplification créatrice
Anne-Pascale Pouey-Mounou

3 La farce d’un Vendeur de livres
Jelle Koopmans

4 Anton Francesco Doni et les bibliothèques imaginaires en Italie
Patrizia Pellizzari

5 A Gift for Hanno: the Fictitious Booklist of Eduard de Dene
Dirk Geirnaert

6 Henricus Geldorpius, Dialogus epithalamicus (ca. 1560) : introduction, édition, traduction
Paul J. Smith et Anne-Pascale Pouey-Mounou

7 Possible Discourses and the Unfolding of the Implicit: Some Remarks on Johann Fischart’s Catalogus Catalogorum (1590)
Tobias Bulang

8 La bibliothèque imaginaire, genre satirique et polémique en des temps troublés (1587-1615)
Raphaël Cappellen

9 Trois “catalogues de Saint-Victor” au XVIIe siècle
Claudine Nédelec

10 Sir Thomas Urquhart’s Translation (1653) of Rabelais’s Imaginary Library of St. Victor (1542)
Ronnie Ferguson

11 Labbé’s Examples: Bibliothecae fictae in the Early Modern Classification of Scholarship (Catalogus librorum mystico-politicorum, Bibliotheca Gallo-Suecica)
Dirk Werle

12 Pamphlets with Satirical Book Catalogues: the Art of Political Blaming in 1672
Marijke Meijer Drees

13 Le Colporteur de Proserpine : un catalogue satirique dans Les Promenades d’Eustache Le Noble
Helwi Blom

14 Wieringa – Doedijns – Anna Folie – Van Lennep: Dutch Versions of Rabelais’s Library of Saint-Victor
Paul J. Smith and Dirk Geirnaert

Index Nominum

Index of Existing and Imaginary Authors, Printers, and Dedicatees, Mentioned in the Anthologized Fictitious Booklists
All interested in early modern European literature (esp. French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, and Neolatin), book history and bibliography, and authors such as Rabelais and Fischart. Keywords: fictitious booklists, bibliothèques imaginaires, libraries, Rabelais, Fischart, book history, bibliography.
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