Middle Western Karaim

A Critical Edition and Linguistic Analysis of the pre-19th-Century Karaim Interpretations of Hebrew piyyutim


This volume offers the first comprehensive study on the history of Middle Western Karaim dialects. The author provides a systematic description of sound changes dating from the 17th–19th-centuries and reconstructs their absolute- and relative chronologies. In addition, the main morphological peculiarities are presented in juxtaposition to Modern Western Karaim data.
The textual basis for this historical-linguistic investigation is a critical edition of pre-1800 Western Karaim interpretations of Hebrew religious songs called piyyutim (149 texts altogether). The reason behind this choice is that some of these texts are among the oldest known Western Karaim texts in general, and that until now no study has brought the Karaim translation tradition in this genre closer to the reader.

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Michał Németh, Ph.D. (2011), Jagiellonian University, is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Linguistics and Translation Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and a European Research Council grantee. He holds a Ph.D. and a habilitation degree in Linguistics, and has authored over sixty works devoted to Turkic and Hungarian historical-linguistics.
All interested in the history of Turkic (especially Kipchak-Turkic) languages and anyone concerned with the Karaim translation techniques of Hebrew religious texts.
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