Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 30


The 30th volume of Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion consists of two special sections, as well as two separate empirical studies on attachment and daily spiritual practices. The first special section deals with the social scientific study of religion in Indonesia. Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country whose history and contemporary involvement in the study of religion is explored from both sociological and psychological perspectives. The second special section is on the Pope Francis effect: the challenges of modernization in the Catholic church and the global impact of Pope Francis. While its focus is mainly on the Catholic religion, the internal dynamics and geopolitics explored apply more broadly.

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Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Ph.D. (1968), University of Nevada, Reno, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as well as Leroy A. Martin Distinguished Professor of Religious Sudies and UT Alumni Distinguished Professor. A former president of Division 36 of the APA, he is author of numerous books in the psychology of religion.

Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Ph.D. (2010), University of Gloucestershire, is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University where she also leads the Faith and Peaceful Relations group. She is a Feminist Sociologist of Religion. Her research focuses on the lived experiences of religion or belief in modern Britain, with particular emphasis on Islam.
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Unsolicited Articles

1 Religious Coping with General Life Stressors in Persons with Same-Sex Attractions
Russell E. Phillips III, Sierrah Avant, Jessica Milewski, Nicholas Drop, Rachel Herndon, Alex Maccarelli, Michael Lucci

2 Love in the Midst of Stressors: Exploring the Role of Daily Spiritual Experiences
Gina M. Brelsford, Lynn G. Underwood, & Bradley R. E. Wright

Special Section 1: The Social Scientific Study of Religion in Indonesia

3 Introduction to Social Scientific Study of Religion in Indonesia
Johana E. Prawitasari, Evans Garey, and Ralph W. Hood Jr.

4 Religions in Indonesia: a Historical Sketch
Denni Boy Saragih

5 The Sociological Context of Religion in Indonesia
Sindung Haryanto

6 Religious Self: The Multi-Construal Model of Indonesian Self
Retno Hanggarani Ninin

7 An Inverted Quest: Cosmopolitanism and Religion in Baladeva Comics
Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras

8 Exploration of Christian Faith Religiosity in Indonesia
Olivia Hadiwirawan, Denny Putra, & Evans Garey

9 The Trends in Islamic Psychology in Indonesia
H. Fuad Nashori, Raden Rachmy Diana, and Bahril Hidayat

10 Srikandi Lintas Iman: Religiosity in Diversity
Nina Mariani Noor

11 At the Intersection of Science and Faith: Epistemic Cognition about “Religiously-Loaded” Scientific Issues
Anindito Aditomo

12 Rasch Model of Religious Hope: Scale Development with an Indonesian Sample
Evans Garey, Ngadiman Djaja & Ralph W. Hood Jr.

13 Religious Orientation and Hope Expressed among University Students
Petrayuna Dian Omega and Ngadiman Djaja

14 Spirituality and Posttraumatic Growth among Disaster Survivors in Indonesia
Zarina Akbar

Special Section 2: The Pope Francis Effect

15 Pope Francis Effect between Internal Reforms of the Catholic Church and Geopolitical Choices: An Introduction
Giuseppe Giordan

16 Modernizing the Roman Form of Catholicism
Enzo Pace

17 The Primacy of Reality: The People First of All
Monica Simeoni and Francesco Vespasiano

18 Pope Francis and Argentinean Politics
Verónica Roldán

19 A Catholic Dilemma: Church and Pope Resisting to and Compromising with Political and Cognitive Revolution
Roberto Motta

20 Negating the Francis Effect?: The Effect of the Abuse Crisis in Ireland
Gladys Ganiel

21 A Global Papacy: The International Travels of Pope Francis and Geopolitics
Andrew P. Lynch

22 Pope Francis and Latin American Evangelicals
Ari Pedro Oro and Erico Tavares de Carvalho Junior

23 The Failed Visit of Francis to Chile and the Catholic Church Crisis
Cristian Parker and José Pérez Valdivia

24 The Non-Effect of Pope Francis behind the Scenes of “Mexico always Faithful”
Renée de la Torre

All interested in the scientific study of religion in the east, especially those who are concerned with Indonesian studies.