Patristic Literature in Arabic Translations


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Patristic Literature in Arabic Translations explores the Arabic translations of the Greek and Syriac Church Fathers, focusing on those produced in the Palestinian monasteries and at Sinai in the 8th–10th centuries and in Antioch during Byzantine rule (969–1084). These Arabic translations preserve patristic texts lost in the original languages. They offer crucial information about the diffusion and influence of patristic heritage among Middle Eastern Christians from the 8th century to the present. A systematic examination of Arabic patristic translations sheds light on the development of Muslim and Jewish theological thought.

Contributors are Aaron Michael Butts, Joe Glynias, Habib Ibrahim, Jonas Karlsson, Sergey Kim, Joshua Mugler, Tamara Pataridze, Alexandre Roberts, Barbara Roggema, Alexander Treiger.

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Barbara Roggema, Ph.D. (2007, University of Groningen), is a specialist in the history of Jewish-Christian-Muslim interaction in the medieval Middle East. She is research fellow in the ERC-project “Jewish and Christians in the East: Strategies of Interaction between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean” (Ruhr-Universität Bochum).

Alexander Treiger, Ph.D. (2008, Yale University), is Associate Professor at Dalhousie University. He is editor of the series “Arabic Christianity: Texts and Studies” (Brill) and co-editor of The Orthodox Church in the Arab World (700-1700): An Anthology of Sources (2014) and Heirs of the Apostles: Studies on Arabic Christianity in Honor of Sidney H. Griffith (2019).
Preface Abbreviations Notes on Contributors
IntroductionAlexander Treiger and Barbara Roggema
1 The Integral Arabic Translation of Pseudo-Athanasius of Alexandria’s Quaestiones ad Antiochum DucemBarbara Roggema
2 Patristique et hagiographie palestino-sinaïtique des monastères melkites (IXe-Xe siècles)Tamara Pataridze
3 Diversity in the Christian Arabic Reception of Jacob of Serugh (d. 521)Aaron Michael Butts
4 The Arabic Lives of John of DaylamJonas Karlsson
5 Some Notes on Antonios and His Arabic Translations of John of DamascusHabib Ibrahim
6 Ibrāhīm ibn Yūḥannā and the Translation Projects of Byzantine AntiochJoshua Mugler
7 A Re-translation of Basil’s Hexaemeral Homilies by ʿAbdallāh ibn al-Faḍl of AntiochAlexandre Roberts
8 Homiletic Translation in Byzantine Antioch: The Arabic Translation of a Marian Homily of Patriarch Germanos I of Constantinople by Yānī ibn al-Duks, Deacon of AntiochJoe Glynias
9 L’ homélie arabe In Nativitatem Domini (CPG 4290) attribuée à Sévérien de Gabala : Édition, traduction françaiseSergey Kim
10 The Noetic Paradise (al-Firdaws al-ʿaqlī): Chapter XXIVAlexander Treiger
A Bibliographical Guide to Arabic Patristic Translations and Related Texts Index of Patristic Texts Index of Manuscripts Index of Names, Subjects, and Terms
All interested in the Arabic Christian communities in the Middle East, early Christianity, Greek and Syriac Patristics, history of the Middle East, Church history, and Christian-Muslim relations.
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