A New Companion to the Libro de buen amor


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The New Companion to the Libro de buen amor provides a platform for exploring current, innovative approaches to this classic poem. It is designed for specialists and non-specialists from a variety of fields, who are interested in investigating different aspects of Juan Ruiz’s poem and developing fruitful new paths for future research. Chapters in the volume show how the book engages with Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures, and delve into its legacy in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Part One sheds light on intersecting cultural milieux, from the Christian court of Castile, to the experience of Jewish and Muslim communities. Part Two illustrates how the poem’s meaning through time can be elucidated using an array of theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches.
Contributors are Nora C. Benedict, Erik Ekman, Denise K. Filios, Ryan D. Giles, Michelle Hamilton, Carlos Heusch, José Manuel Hidalgo, Gregory S. Hutcheson, Veronica Menaldi, Simone Pinet, Michael R. Solomon.

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Ryan D. Giles, Ph.D. (2005), University of North Carolina, is Professor at Indiana University. The author of numerous articles and two other co-edited volumes, his most recent monograph is Inscribed Power: Amulets and Magic in Early Spanish Literature (2017).
José Manuel Hidalgo, Ph.D. (2006), University of Virginia, is Professor at Georgia Southern University. He is the author of many articles, co-author of a student edition of Cárcel de amor, and editor of La pluma es lengua del alma (2011).
Notes on Contributors

Ryan D. Giles and José Manuel Hidalgo

Cross-Cultural Contexts

1 A Poet in the Court of King Alfonso
The Libro de Buen Amor in Its Courtly Context
  Carlos Heusch
br/> 2 Reading the Libro de Buen Amor Multiconfessionally
  Gregory S. Hutcheson

3 Carnal, Carnival and Purim in the Libro de Buen Amor
  Michelle Hamilton

4 Enchanting Go-Betweens
Mediated Love Magic in the Libro de Buen Amor and Iberian Grimoires

  Veronica Menaldi

5 Figuring the Lamb and the Ram
Devotion and Magic in the Pitas Payas Episode of the Libro de Buen Amor
  Erik Ekman

Theoretical and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

6 The Parody of Translation and Representation of Space in the Libro de Buen Amor
  Ryan D. Giles

7 For Love of Money
Rhetorical Economics in the Libro de Buen Amor
  Simone Pinet

8 Isorhythmic Motets in the Libro de Buen Amor
Reading the Archpriest’s Adventures as a Musical Composition
  Nora C. Benedict

9 Sermon, Story, Song
Reading and Performing the Libro de Buen Amor
  Denise K. Filios

10 Remediating the Libro de Buen Amor
Immediacy, Authenticity, and the Pleasure of Mediatization
  Michael Solomon


All interested in literatures and cultures of medieval Spain/Iberia, and anyone interested in the classic Libro de buen amor and approaches to studying it.
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