Critical Storytelling in Urban Education


Critical Storytelling in Urban Education shares poems and stories written by college students attending Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. The poets and storytellers in this gripping volume address challenges they have faced: issues of sexual abuse, racial politics, cultural identity, stigmatization of marginalized communities, immigration, and other forms of struggle within and outside of urban educational settings. They are students in Education, Communication Studies, Business, and English, among other disciplines. Academic writing has been frequently reserved to professors and doctoral students. This collection is different in that the writing of undergraduate and master students is featured. In a world of unrest, strife, and division, critical stories are sacrosanct.

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Nicholas D. Hartlep, Ph.D. (2012), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, is the Robert Charles Billings Endowed Chair in Education at Berea College where he chairs the Department of Education Studies. His most recent co-authored book is What Makes a Star Teacher: 7 Dispositions That Support Student Learning (ASCD, 2019).

Brandon O. Hensley, Ph.D. (2016), Illinois State University, is a Lecturer and College Assessment Coordinator at Wayne State University in the Department of Communication, where he oversees assessment for the College of Fine, Performing, & Communication Arts, teaches courses in Communication Studies, and continues his research and writing.
“This is a book that screams through the stagnant air of our crumbling democracy and through often painful encounters with others and ourselves, offers hope and recovery.” – Peter McLaren, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, Attallah College of Educational Studies, Chapman University
Notes on Contributors
Nicholas D. Hartlep and Brandon O. Hensley

Part 1: Poetry

1. Sleepovers
Ian Aufdemberge
2. Internet Death Sentence
Victor Shaw
3. Resume
Amal Shukr
4. That Place That Feels Like Purgatory
Emma Fagan
5. Zenith
Renée McKendrick
6. Words
Heather Carr
7. Whale Watching
Justine Naj
8. Why I Teach in Urban Schools
Marvin Peterson
9. Unsolicited Callers
Anonymous 1
10. Chasing Whiteness
Kia Yang
11. A Letter to My Black Sons
Mark Spurlin
12. Woman Side One
Cece Trella
13. Final Checkmate
Zalika Aniapam

Part 2: Stories to Change the World

14. Each One, Teach One
Talias Deberry
15. Native: On Checking Boxes
Avrora Moussorlieva
16. My American Dream
Itzel Valdez Flores
17. Can You Wake Up?
Nalee Vang
18. No Strings Attached
Michael Harris
19. Good Touch, Bad Touch
Anonymous 2
20. Ua Siab Ntev
Denise Vang
21. Am I a Mother?
Jenny Kalvik
22. A White Teacher’s Experience with Politics of “Colorblindness”
Drayton Cousins
23. Boy to Man
James A. Malone
24. The Effects of Mass Media and Communication Methods on the Stigmatization of Individuals with Developmental and Physical Disabilities
Allyson Webb
25. World of “Fake News”: Effects of a Two-Word Phrase
DeJanay Booth
All interested in narrative and justice as well as poets.