Civility, Nonviolent Resistance, and the New Struggle for Social Justice


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In Civility, Nonviolent Resistance, and the New Struggle for Social Justice, Amin Asfari brings together scholarly contributions addressing the causes of injustice in its many forms. Predicated on the idea that violence and injustice are systemic and historical, this collection includes chapters that examine the antecedents and effects of prejudice, state-sponsored violence, policies of exclusion, and the social forces that shape and solidify their existence.

Moving beyond ad-hoc, ahistorical, and descriptive explanations of violence and injustice, this volume provides a scholarly, multidisciplinary approach to confronting them. Contributions reflect the many ways in which injustice manifests, and civil, nonviolent means of engagement are emphasized, challenging the very systems that give rise to these notions.

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Amin Asfari, Ph.D. (2017), is an Associate Professor at Wake Tech College. Recent publications include articles and book chapters dealing with Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. He is currently working on a co-authored book (with Ron Hirschbein) explicating their relationship to conspiracies theories.
  Notes on Contributors

   Amin Asfari

 1 The Language of Civility and Resistance: A Critique of Tolerance and Violence
   William Gay

 2 Civility, Ethical Democracy, and the Pacific Faith
   Andrew Fiala

 3 Gandhi, Epictetus, and Political Resistance
   Sanjay Lal

 4 Howard Thurman and the African American Nonviolence Tradition
   Kipton E. Jensen

 5 Contesting Religious Governmentality: The Bhakti-Sufi Movements of Medieval India
   Farrukh Hakeem

 6 Decolonizing Paradigms of Normative Evaluation: The Coloniality of Just War Theory
   James R. Walker

 7 Cry “Genocide!” for All the Good It Will Do
   Paul Wilson

 8 The Enlightenment’s Post-9/11 Legacy
   Kimberly Baxter

 9 Why Do Poor Whites Vote for Republicans When Republicans Hate Them?
   Robert Paul Churchill

 10 How Mind Viruses and Rhinoceroses Promote Tyranny
   Paula Smithka

 11 Josef Pieper’s Defense of the Geisteswissenschaften
   Rashad Rehman

 12 The Quest for Genuine Democracy: A Promise of Democracy to Come
   Edward Demenchonok

This volume may be of interest to students and scholars who study peace and violence, mass movements, political theory, psychology, or history, as well as international relations.
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