Scottish Missions to China

Commemorating the Legacy of James Legge (1815-1897)


This volume explores the important legacy of Scottish missions to China, with a focus on the missionary-scholar and Protestant sinologist par excellence James Legge (1815–1897). It challenges the simplistic caricature of Protestant missionaries as Orientalizing imperialists, but also shows how the Chinese context and Chinese persons “converted” Scottish missionaries in their understandings of China and the broader world.

Scottish Missions to China brings together essays by leading Chinese, European, and North American scholars in mission history, sinology, theology, cultural and literary studies, and psychology. It calls attention to how the historic enterprise of Scottish missions to China presents new insights into Scottish-Chinese and British-Chinese relations.

Contributors are: Joanna Baradziej, Marilyn L. Bowman, Alexander Chow, Gao Zhiqiang, Joachim Gentz, David Jasper, Christopher Legge, Lauren F. Pfister, David J. Reimer, Brian Stanley, Yang Huilin, Zheng Shuhong.

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Alexander Chow is Senior Lecturer in Theology and World Christianity in the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, and is co-director of the Centre for the Study of World Christianity. He is co-editor of the journal Studies in World Christianity (Edinburgh University Press) and is editor of the Chinese Christianities Series (University of Notre Dame Press). He is author of two books, most recently Chinese Public Theology: Generational Shifts and Confucian Imagination in Chinese Christianity (Oxford University Press 2018).
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Notes on Romanization

Alexander Chow

Part 1: The Man, James Legge

1 Pulling the Plank Out of One’s Own Eye: Reflective Moments of Transformation Gained from James Legge’s Christian Engagement with Four Notable Chinese Persons
Lauren F. Pfister

2 Psychological Research and the Roots of James Legge’s Resilience
Marilyn L. Bowman

3 Legge in Oxford
David Jasper

Part 2: Scottish Missions in China

4 William Chalmers Burns in China
David J. Reimer

5 China through Women’s Eyes: The Contribution of Female Missionaries in Manchuria to the Image of China at the Turn of the 19th Century
Joanna Baradziej
6 The Anglo–Chinese College as a Bridge between the East and the West in Morrison and Legge’s Time
Gao Zhiqiang

Part 3: Translators and Translations

7 The Translator’s Identity and Its Paradox: James Legge and Gu Hongming
Yang Huilin

8 James Legge’s Hermeneutical Methodology as Revealed in His Translation of the Daxue
Zheng Shuhong

9 “God Has Conferred Even on the Inferior People a Moral Sense”: Legge’s Concept of the “People” (min) in His Translation of the Book of Documents
Joachim Gentz

10 Finding God’s Chinese Name: A Comparison of the Approaches of Matteo Ricci and James Legge
Alexander Chow

Part 4: Legge and His Legacy

Afterword: James Legge and the Missionary Tradition in British Sinology
Brian Stanley
Postscript: Living in the Shadows
Christopher Legge

All interested in James Legge, mission history, Christianity in China, sinology, and Scottish-Chinese relations.
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