The Fundamental Dynamic Effect on Reform and Opening in China


Editor: SHAO Binhong

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Series Advisor’s Foreword
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1 Introduction: the Cultural Value Drivers of the Economic Achievements of China’s Reform and Opening
Shao Binhong and He Huaihong

2 The Cost of Systemic Institutions and the Chinese Economy
Zhou Qiren

3 Historical Moments and Salient Facts: an Update on China’s Urbanization
Cai Fang

4 Land Issues in China’s Urban-Rural Stage of Development
Liu Shouying

5 A Trade War That is Unwarranted
Yu Yongding

6 Sino-US Trade: Multilateral and Bilateral Perspectives
Zhu Min and Miao Yanliang

7 Forty Years of China’s Development as an Open Economy: Retrospect and Prospects
Hong Junjie and Shang Hui

8 China’s Opening Up after 40 Years: Standing at a Historic Turning Point
Ju Jiandong and Yu Xinding

9 The Great Opening Up and the Roadmap for the Future: the Story of China’s International Trade
Du Yan and Lu Yi

10 Opening Up in the Upper Middle-Income Phase: Lessons from International Experience
Zou Jingxian and Zhang Bin

11 What Is “New” in China’s New Open Economy System?
Sheng Bin and Li Feng

12 Opening to the Outside World in the New Era Should Respond to Declining Demographic and Globalization Dividends
Xu Qiyuan

13 Actively and Prudently Open Up China’s Financial Sector
Huang Yiping

14 On Appropriately Sequencing in China’s Financial Opening Up around the “Three-in-One”
Guan Tao, Zhang Antian, and Liu Lipin