Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 6

Analysis and Forecast of China's Social Conditions (2017)


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1 Expanding the Middle-Income Groups, Building a Middle Class-Dominated Modern Society—Analysis and Forecast of China’s Social Conditions during the Period 2016–2017
Research Group for Social Conditions Analysis and Forecast, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, written by Chen Guangjin

2 Report on the Income and Spending of China’s Urban and Rural Residents in 2016
Lyu Qingzhe

3 The Impact of the Adjustment of China’s Industrial Structure on the Employment of College Graduates in 2016
Mo Rong and Wang Xinyu

4 Changes in the Income Gap of Chinese Residents in 2016
Yang Yiyong and Chi Zhenhe

5 Continual Improvements in China’s Social Security System in 2016
Wang Fayun and Wu Wei 

6 Report on Education Reform and Development in China in 2016
Fan Lei

7 Report on the Development of China’s Health Care in 2016
Fang Lijie

8 Research Report on the New Social Class in China’s Megacities—Based on Surveys in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
Zhang Haidong, Yang Chengchen and Lai Siqi

9 Changes in the Living Conditions of the Elderly in Urban and Rural Areas and Future Trends—Based on Data Analysis of Four National Surveys during the Period 2000–2015
Wang Haitao, Fang Yu and Ouyang Zheng

10 Leisure, Class Status and the Reading for Pleasure
Zhang Yi

11 Report on the Usage of the Internet and Social Networks in China in 2016
Zhu Di, Tian Feng and Wang Xiaobing

12 Research Report on the Chinese Public’s Knowledge of and Attitudes towards Genetic Modification
He Guangxi, Liao Miao, Shi Changhui, Zhang Wenxia and Zhao Yandong

13 Research Report on the Values and Belief System of Young Employees of Chinese Enterprises
Chen Chen

14 Report on the Analysis of Internet Public Opinion in China in 2016
Zhu Huaxin, Pan Yufeng and Chen Xiaoran

15 Progress Report on China’s Rural Land Property Rights Reform in 2016
Gao Qiang

16 Report on the Situation of Food and Drug Safety in China in 2016
Luo Jie and Zhang Hao

17 The State of and New Issues in China’s Environmental Protection in 2016
Jia Feng, Yang Ke, Zhang Huicong, Tian Shuo, Huang Jingyi, Zhang Zijiao and Zhou Liantong

18 Report on the Analysis of the Situation of Public Safety in China in 2016
Zhou Yandong and Gong Zhigang

19 The Status of Workers in the Supply-Side Structural Reform in 2016
Qiao Jian

20 Report on Women’s Development in China in 2016
Jia Yunzhu

21 Statistical Overview of China’s Social Development (2016)
Zhang Liping