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Studies in Anglophone Borders Criticism


Editor: Ciaran Ross
This collection emphasizes a cross-disciplinary approach to the relevance of borders and bordering as a spatial paradigm in Anglophone studies. It sets out to provide a critical counter-narrative to the 1990s globalization argument of a “borderless” world by insisting on the significant roles borders play. The essays range in subject matter from geography, history, British and American literature to painting and Reggae music and map out different conceptualisations of the border: place, line, process, contact zones, etc. The volume’s cross-border “narrative” serves as a point of communication between the local and the global, between Europe and America, between different literary and artistic genres, thus challenging the divides of geography and literature, between “real” territorial borders and their “fictional” counterparts.

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Ciaran Ross, Ph.D. (1991), Université de Bourgogne, is Professor of English and Irish Literature at the University of Strasbourg. He has published monographs on Samuel Beckett, including Beckett’s Art of Absence: Rethinking the Void (2011).
All interested in border studies and, in particular, the history and critical significance of borders in the contemporary Anglophone world: politics, history, geography, culture, literature, art and music.