Prekmurje Slovene Grammar

Avgust Pavel’s Vend nyelvtan (1942)


Editor / Translator:
The Vend nyelvtan is a grammar completed in 1942 by the linguist Avgust Pavel that was designed to serve as a modern standard for the Prekmurje Slovenes who were to be subjects of Hungary. Though the grammar was meant to divide the Prekmurje Slovenes from the Slovenes of Yugoslavia, it was never put into use. Today it serves as a reflection of the lexical and grammatical peculiarities of the Prekmurje dialect as it was spoken during Pavel’s lifetime (1886–1946). The English translation of the grammar, originally written in Hungarian, offers linguists insight into a key part of the remarkable variation in Slovene. A peripheral area of Slovene, the Prekmurje dialect is in contact with German, Hungarian, and Croatian Kajkavian.

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Marc L. Greenberg, Ph.D. (1990), is Professor Slavic Languages & Literatures at the University of Kansas and corresponding member of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has published widely on Slavic linguistics, focusing on western South Slavic languages.
“Greenberg’s critical edition is a model of how to present such historical treasures to the contemporary scholarly community. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in Slovene diachronic linguistics, dialectology, the history of Slavic grammars, and related topics, as well as an indispensable reference for anyone interested in the Prekmurje dialect and its written tradition.” ~ Marko Snoj, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in Canadian Slavonic Papers (63/3-4, 2021).
Slavic and general linguists focusing on typology, language variation, and language contact.
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