Phenomenology as Performative Exercise


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This volume, edited by Lucilla Guidi and Thomas Rentsch, establishes the first systematic connection between phenomenology and performativity. On the one hand, it outlines the performativity of phenomenology by exploring its enactment and the transformation of attitude it effects; this exploration is conducted through a number of parallels between phenomenology and the ancient understanding of philosophy as an exercise and a way of life. On the other hand, the volume examines different notions of performativity from a phenomenological perspective, so as to show that a phenomenological understanding of embodied experience complements a linguistic account of performativity and can also offer a ground for bodily practices of resistance, critique, and self-transformation in our own day and age.

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Lucilla Guidi (Ph.D.) is Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Hildesheim, Germany. Her main research interests are phenomenology, performativity and Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Her publications include the book Il rovescio del performativo (2016), as well as many articles on Heidegger and Wittgenstein.
Thomas Rentsch is Professor of Practical Philosophy/Ethics at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. His fields of research are phenomenology, hermeneutics, and philosophy of language. His latest book is Philosophie des 20. Jahrhunderts<. Von Husserl bis Derrida (2014).
 List of Contributors

Section 1: The Performativity of Phenomenology

1 Heidegger’s Performative Phenomenology: Formalization, Enactment and Performativity
Daniel O. Dahlstrom

2 From Crisis to Psychoanalysis: Suspension as an Act of Resistance against the Reduction of Subjects’ Singularities
Dorothée Legrand

3 Phenomenology and Transformation: Platonic Motifs in Husserlian Phenomenology
Antonio Cimino

4 Gadamer Reader of Plato. Performative Exercises in Phenomenological Reading
Diego D’Angelo

5 Phenomenology as a Transformative Experience: Heidegger and the Grammar of Middle Voice
Lucilla Guidi

Section 2: The Phenomenology of Performativity

6 Expression and the Performative. A Reassessment
Michela Summa

7 Bodily Performativity: Enacting Norms
Maren Wehrle

8 Performing Criticism. (Post)Phenomenological Considerations of Contending Bodies
Iris Laner

9 Performativity: The Constitution and Critique of Meaning
Thomas Rentsch

Section 3: Exercises

10 The Weight of History: From Heidegger to Afro-Pessimism
Jan Slaby

11 Performing Phenomenology: The Work of Choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir
Susan Kozel

12 Extended Selves: Phenomenological Remarks on Digital Processes of Subjectification
Federica Buongiorno
Everyone interested in phenomenology and performative studies.
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