Climate Change and Individual Moral Duties

A Plea for the Promotion of a Collective Solution

What ought individual agents do with regard to climate change? This book challenges the common intuition that every individual agent is morally required to do her bit by refraining from individual polluting actions and still does not leave individuals off the hook. Climate change requires an extremely ambitious, collective solution. This book defends the primacy of promotional duties and focuses on getting individuals as members of society involved. By taking a rights-based approach, it provides a profound normative basis to lead a heated discussion e.g. with regard to what can reasonably be demanded of individuals. Next to addressing duties of specific groups of agents such as young parents, this book aims to derive concrete recommendations for action. But, more broadly, it aims to empower individual agents to finally be able to make a meaningful difference in the global fought against climate change.

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Anna Luisa Lippold studied Philosophy and Politics in Bayreuth and Stellenbosch, South Africa. She gained a PhD in Applied Ethics at Ruhr-University Bochum in 2019. Her main research interests are on climate and energy ethics, global justice and international climate policy.

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