From Sībawayhi to ʾAḥmad Ḥasan al-Zayyāt: New Angles on the Arabic Linguistic Tradition


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From Sībawayhi to ʾAḥmad Ḥasan al-Zayyāt: New Angles on the Arabic Linguistic Tradition, a volume edited by Beata Sheyhatovitch and Almog Kasher, brings together nine articles written by leading scholars of the Arabic linguistic tradition. These articles trace the development of the tradition, from Sībawayhi to modern Arabic language academies. The authors shed light on lesser-known aspects of this tradition, such as little-investigated grammatical structures, and problematic spots of the ʿamal theory and the grammatical terminology. They explore the discipline’s relations with stylistics and logic, the Arab grammarians’ influence on Jewish Bible exegesis, and modern applications of medieval Arabic grammatical theory. This volume showcases the richness of the medieval Arabic linguistic literature and the diversity of ideas found within it.

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Beata Sheyhatovitch, Ph.D. (2016), Tel Aviv University, is Lecturer at the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies of that university. She is the author of The Distinctive Terminology in Šarḥ al-Kāfiya by Raḍī l-Dīn al-ʾAstarābāḏī (Brill, 2018) and of several research articles on the medieval Arabic linguistic tradition.

Almog Kasher, Ph.D. (2007), Bar-Ilan University, is Lecturer at the Department of Arabic of that university. His main field of study is the medieval Arabic grammatical tradition, with an emphasis on its early history, commentaries on Sībawayhi, and pedagogical grammars.
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Beata Sheyhatovitch and Almog Kasher

In and out of the Metalanguage: Some Reconsiderations of the Technical Vocabulary of Arabic Grammar
Michael G. Carter

Views Concerning the ʿāmil of the Predicate of the Nominal Sentence Incorrectly Ascribed to Sībawayhi
Aryeh Levin

Reading Poetry with Sībawayhi: Ittisāʿ/saʿat al-kalām and Metaphorical Thinking in the Kitāb
Avigail Noy

Aspects of Syntactic Effect (ʿamal) in Arabic Grammatical Tradition: The Term šuġl in Sībawayhi’s al-Kitāb and Beyond
Almog Kasher

Less Familiar Types of ʾan according to Arabic Grammarians
Arik Sadan

A Sparkle in the Debate about the Word ʾāmīn Used in Supplication and Its Rules in Arabic, by ʾAbū Muḥammad Ibn al-Ḫaššāb (d. 567/1172), an Annotated Translation
Jean N. Druel

The Theory of Definition in Šarḥ al-Kāfiya by Raḍī l-Dīn al-ʾAstarābāḏī
Beata Sheyhatovitch

Comparison to Arabic as an Exegetical Method in Tanḥum ha-Yerushalmi’s Commentary on the Bible
Avi Tal

The Arabic Language Academy in Cairo vis-à-vis a New Grammatical Phrase: al-ism al-ṯulāṯī (The Case of sāfara Muḥammad ʿAlī Ḥasan)
Shlomit Shraybom-Shivtiel

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All interested in Arabic linguistic thought and the works of medieval Arab grammarians; students and researchers of Arabic grammar and syntax; scholars of the history of logic, rhetoric and Judeo-Arabic.
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