Factory Politics in the People's Republic of China


Editor: Joel Andreas
Over the past seven decades—since the 1949 Revolution—every aspect of Chinese society has been profoundly transformed multiple times. No sector has experienced more tumultuous twists and turns than industry. The eight articles contained in this volume examine these twists and turns, focusing on those aspects of industrial relations that involve contention and power, that is, factory politics. They were selected among articles that have appeared in the Chinese journal Open Times (开放时代) over the past decade. Because Open Times has a well-earned reputation for publishing diverse viewpoints, it has been able to attract some of the very best scholarship in China.

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Joel Andreas, Ph.D. (2003), University of California, Los Angeles, teaches sociology at Johns Hopkins University. His first book, Rise of the Red Engineers: The Cultural Revolution and the Origins of China’s New Class (Stanford University Press, 2009), analyzes the contentious merger of old and new elites after 1949. His second book, Disenfranchised: The Rise and Fall of Industrial Citizenship in China (Oxford University Press, 2019), traces radical changes in industrial relations over the past seven decades.
List of Contributors

1 From Passion to Deception – Daily Life at the Grassroots under State Control of Production before and after the Great Leap Forward: an Investigation of TY Factory in Guangzhou (1956–1965)
Jia Wenjuan (贾文娟)
Translated by Shayan Momin

2 Research into the Implementation of the Staff and Workers Congress System in State-Owned Enterprises: a 60-Year Case Study of One Factory
Cai He (蔡禾) and Li Wanlian (李晚莲)
Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

3 A Simple Control Model Analysis of Labor Relations in Industrial SOEs
Tong Xin (佟新)
Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

4 Changes in Production Models within State-Owned Enterprises under the “Double Transformations:” the Rise of Internal Labor Subcontracting in City A’s Nanchang Factory (2001–2013)
Jia Wenjuan (贾文娟)
Translated by Shayan Momin

5 Sustaining Production: Spatial Interactions between Han and Uyghur Workers at the Kashgar Cotton Mill
Liu Ming (刘明)
Translated by Heather Mowbray

6 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Toy Industry’s Supply Chain: an Empirical Study of Walmart Supplier Factories in China
Yu Xiaomin (余晓敏)
Translated by Shayan Momin

7 Direct Labor Union Elections: Lessons from Guangdong
Wen Xiaoyi (闻效仪)
Translated by Matthew A. Hale

8 Patterns of Collective Resistance among the New Generation of Chinese Migrant Workers: from the Politics of Production to the Politics of Life
Wang Jianhua (汪建华) and Meng Quan (孟泉)
Translated by Matthew A. Hale
Scholars and members of the lay educated public who are interested in labor and/or in China.