EU External Relations Post-Lisbon

The Law and Practice of Facultative Mixity


Despite the Lisbon Treaty reforming the EU Treaty provisions on external relations, it was argued at the time of the Treaty’s entry into force that ‘mixity was here to stay’. While this has indeed proven to be the case, the Court of Justice’s jurisprudence has nonetheless redrawn the contours within which mixity can thrive and for the first time has confirmed the existence of ‘facultative mixity’. In light of these significant post-Lisbon developments the volume aims to clarify the law and policy of facultative mixed agreements in the EU’s treaty practice and this not only from the perspective of EU (constitutional) law itself but also from the perspective of the EU Member States’ legal systems, that of the EU’s third country treaty partners and that of public international law itself.

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Merijn Chamon is Postdoctoral Researcher of the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) at the Ghent European Law Institute working on a project on the EU’s mixed agreements in the post-Lisbon legal order. In the past he was Visiting Professor at Antwerp University and Visiting Researcher at the Durham European Law Institute. His research focuses on EU constitutional and institutional law and the law of EU external relations, fields in which he has published widely.

Inge Govaere is a Professor of European Law and Director of the Ghent European Law Institute (at Ghent University) as well as Director of the European Legal Studies Department at the College of Europe in Bruges. She obtained her PhD at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. She has been a guest lecturer and visiting professor at many universities all over the world, including Cornell University (Ithaca NY, USA) and Cambridge University (UK). Her academic interests are very vast – from EU external relations to intellectual property rights.
Academics working in the field of EU external relations, EU constitutional law or international organisations. Students of EU external relations law. Practitioners working at administrations at the level of the EU Member States or the EU, or the EU’s treaty partners, be it international organisations or third states.