A Grammar of Makary Kotoko


In A Grammar of Makary Kotoko, Sean Allison provides a thorough description and analysis of Makary Kotoko - a Central Chadic language of Cameroon, framing the discussion within R.M.W. Dixon’s (2010a, 2010b, 2012) Basic Linguistic Theory. Working with an extensive corpus of recorded texts supplemented by interactions with native speakers of the language, the author provides the first full grammar of a Kotoko language. The detailed analysis of the phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse features of Makary Kotoko is from a functional/typological perspective. Being based on a large number of oral texts, the analysis provides an example-rich description showing the range of variation of the constructions presented while giving insights into Kotoko culture.

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Sean Allison, Ph.D. (2012), University of Colorado (Boulder), is Associate Professor of Linguistics and MA in Linguistics Program Director at Trinity Western University’s Canada Institute of Linguistics. Dr Allison is also involved in language development work with SIL Cameroon for the Kotoko languages.
List of Figures and Tables

1 Introduction

2 Phonology

3 Allomorphy

4 Word Classes and Grammatical Markers

5 Nominal Morphology

6 Noun Phrase

7 Numerals and Non-numeral Quantifiers

8 Asymmetric Coordination

9 Concrete and Abstract Thing

10 Adverbs and Ideophones

11 Prepositions and Locative Specifiers

12 Local Adverbial Demonstratives

13 Aspectual/Modal Coding

14 Verbal Morphology

15 Non-human/Locative Pronoun

16 Locative Particles

17 Verb Argument Structure

18 Reflexive and Reciprocal Markers

19 Arguments of the Verb Phrase

20 Comparison

21 Non-verbal Predication

22 Negation

23 Interrogatives

24 Imperatives and Commands

25 Resumptive Pronouns

26 Information Structure
Topic, Switch Topic, Focus, Contrastive Focus

27 Relative Clauses

28 Complement Clauses

29 Combining Clauses

Appendix A: Interlinearized Texts
Appendix B: Makary Kotoko—English Lexicon
Appendix C: Pronominal Forms
Those interested in Chadic linguistics - specifically the Kotoko subgroup, languages of Cameroon, a typological/functional approach to language description and analysis following R.M.W. Dixon’s version of Basic Linguistic Theory
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