The Logic of Narratives


Author: EunHee Lee
The Logic of Narratives is a linguistic study of narrative discourse that contextualizes the ‘logical’ rather than the ‘stylistic’ aspect of narratives within the range of current issues in the interdisciplinary study of narratives being conducted in linguistics, philosophy, literature, cognitive science, and Artificial Intelligence. The book quantitatively analyzes naturally occurring narratives randomly selected from the British National Corpus (BNC) as well as James Joyce’s (1882-1941) The Dead (1914) and Fredrik Backman’s (1981-) A Man Called Ove (2012). Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) formalization (Kamp and Reyle, 1993) is employed and enriched with the representations and interpretations of perspective/point of view, genre differences, coherence relations, and episodes, which are called in the book Perspectival DRT (PDRT).

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EunHee Lee, Ph.D. (2000), University of Groningen, is an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Her main research areas are Semantics and Second Language Acquisition. She has published articles in major linguistics journals and is (co-)author of three books, Korean Tense and aspect in Narrative Discourse (Eastern Art Publishing, 2012), Introduction to Korean Linguistics (Routledge, 2016), and Korean Syntax and Semantics (Cambridge University Press, 2019).
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Part 1 Foundations

1 Introduction
 1 Why the “Logic” of Narratives?
 2 An Overview of the Book

2 Narrative Structure
 1 Defining Narratives
 2 The Temporal Interpretation of Narratives
 3 Coherence

3 The Theoretical Toolkit
 1 Dynamic Semantics
 2 Discourse Representation Theory
 3 Perspectival DRT

Part 2 Timeline

4 Tense and Aspect
 1 Tense in Narratives
 2 Narrative Progression and Aspect
 3 A PDRT Analysis of Tense and Aspect

5 The Pluperfect
 1 Background
 2 A Corpus Study of the Pluperfect in Narratives
 3 A PDRT Analysis of the Pluperfect

6 The Progressive
 1 Background
 2 A Corpus Study of the Progressive in Narratives
 3 A PDRT Analysis of the Progressive

7 Temporal Adverb Now
 1 Background
 2 A Corpus Study of Now
 3 A PDRT Analysis of Now

Part 3 Character

8 Free Indirect Discourse
 1 Background
 2 An Empirical Study of FID
 3 A PDRT Analysis for FID

9 Indexicals
 1 Background
 2 An Empirical Study
 3 A PDRT Analysis of Indexicals

10 Definite NP s
 1 Background
 2 An Empirical Study
 3 A DRT Analysis of Definites

11 Expressives
 1 Background
 2 An Empirical Study of Expressives
 3 A PDRT Analysis of Expressives

12 Conclusion
 1 Summary
 2 Linguistic Study of Narratives and Its Implications

Appendix: Episode Structure of The Dead
Scholars, advanced undergraduate and graduate students in linguistics, philosophy, literature, cognitive science, and computer science.