Spanish across Domains in the United States

Education, Public Space, and Social Media


This edited volume adopts a new angle on the study of Spanish in the United States, one that transcends the use of Spanish as an ethnic language and explores it as a language spreading across new domains: education, public spaces, and social media. It aims to position Spanish in the United States in the wider frame of global multilingualism and in line with new perspectives of analysis such as superdiversity, translanguaging, indexicality, and multimodality. All the 15 chapters analyze Spanish use as an instance of social change in the sense that monolingual cultural reproduction changes and produces cultural transformation. Furthermore, these chapters represent five macro-regions of the United States: the Southwest, the West, the Midwest, the Northeast, and the Southeast.

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Francisco Salgado-Robles, Ph.D. (2011), University of Florida, is Assistant Professor of Spanish at The College of Staten Island (CUNY), where he supervises the Spanish Language Program and teaches Spanish applied linguistics and sociolinguistics. He has published two monographs and many articles.
Edwin M. Lamboy, Ph.D. (2000), Pennsylvania State University, is Associate Professor at The City College of New York (CUNY), where he teaches courses for and directs the Secondary Spanish Education Program. He has published two monographs, one textbook, and many articles.
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Introduction: Spanish in the United States and across Domains
Edwin M. Lamboy and Francisco Salgado-Robles

Part 1 Spanish in the Education Domain

1 Spanish Heritage Education in the Southwestern United States: Fighting Restrictive Policies toward Language Maintenance in Arizona
Sara M. Beaudrie and Sergio Loza

2 Spanish as a Heritage Language in the Western United States: Are We Meeting the Demands in Colorado?
Devin L. Jenkins

3 Spanish in the Midwest: Hablando in the Heartland
Kim Potowski

4 Teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language in Northeastern United States: Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia
Manel Lacorte, Elisa Gironzetti and Evelyn Canabal-Torres

5 Spanish Heritage Language Learners in Tennessee: Current Practices, Challenges, and Directions for the Future
Inmaculada Gómez Soler

Part 2 Spanish in the Public Space Domain

6 Heritage Speakers of Spanish in Oklahoma City: An Examination of the Linguistic Landscape
Aaron B. Roggia

7 Hablamos español in the Western United States: A View of Marketing in the Multilingual Landscape of California
María Cecilia Colombi, Daniela Cerbino and Marta Llorente Bravo

8 Constructing La Villa Hispana: Cultural Citizenship, Economic Development, and Linguistic Landscaping in Ohio
Elena Foulis and Glenn Martinez

9 Avenida San Juan: The Linguistic Landscape of Buffalo, New York’s Hispanic Heritage District
Amanda Dixson and Angela George

10 Humanizing Approaches to Emergent Bilingual Learners en confianza: Cultivating a Community Linguistic Landscape at a Bilingual Library in the Hispanic Kentucky Bluegrass
Steven Alvarez

Part 3 Spanish in the Social Media Domain

11 Presencia Virtual: Spanish as a Heritage Language Speakers’ Use of Instagram to Forward Notions of Identity in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza and Gabriela Moreno

12 “Cuando me da la gana. Me AF: Washingtonian Bilingual Speakers of Spanish on Facebook
Víctor Fernández-Mallat

13 Communicative Purposes behind Language Choice and “Netspeak”: Use of Facebook by Heritage Speakers of Spanish in the American Midwest
Laura Valentín-Rivera and Earl K. Brown

14 “Dope!! Puta vergona”: Identity “en el middle” and Language Choice in Instagram among Urban Music Affiliated Male Spanish Legacy Speakers from Da DMV
José L. Magro

15 Understanding Language Attitudes among Members of a New Latino Community in the Southeastern United States: From Speech to Tweets
Chad Howe and Philip P. Limerick

Epilogue: U.S. Spanish as a Sociolinguistic Conundrum
Francisco Moreno-Fernández

All researchers, educators, and students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in Spanish in the US, bilingualism, Spanish linguistics, Spanish sociolinguistics, heritage speakers of Spanish, and foreign language education in the US.
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