The Migration Period between the Oder and the Vistula (2 vols)


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This collection of studies is the result of a six-year interdisciplinary research project undertaken by an international team of archaeologists, historians, numismatists and paleobotanists. It constitutes a completely new approach to environmental, cultural and settlement changes during the Migration Period in Central Europe.

Part One discusses written sources, theories regarding migration, and environmental change in the first millennium AD. In Part Two, archaeological sources relating to Central Europe in the Migration Period are analysed, while Part Three is devoted to new discoveries between the Oder and the Vistula, including traces of Germanic settlement in northern Poland in the early seventh century. In Part Four, evidence for cultural and settlement changes in neighbouring areas is characterized in a comparative light.

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Prof. Aleksander Bursche coordinated the Migration Period between the Oder and the Vistula project, the results of which are published here. He is a full professor at the University of Warsaw, specialising in relations between the Classical World and the Barbarians.

Prof. John Hines is Professor in the School of History, Archaeology and Religious Studies, Cardiff University. He has published extensively on material and literary culture and linguistic history in northern Europe from the Late Iron Age to the Modern Period.

Dr. Anna Zapolska is a researcher in the Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw University. She specialises in numismatics, coin finds, and coins in archaeological contexts. She is currently working on the bronze coin finds from sites of the West Balt Cultures.

"Ceea ce înseamnă că astfel de proiecte sunt extrem de necesare, iar cercetările pluridisciplinare trebuie în continuare dezvoltate și încurajate abordările comparative, atât la nivel micro, cât și macroregional. În final, recomand aceste volume tuturor celor interesați de arheologia și istoria perioadei migrației în Europa și a tranziției de la antichitatea târzie la Evul Mediu timpuriu. Lucrarea este valoroasă atât prin actualitatea, noutatea și originalitatea fiecărui studiu în parte, cât și prin exemplul de finalitate a unui proiect de amploare realizat de colegii polonezi". Sergiu MUSTEATA, in Plural, 8 (2), 2020.

ENG:"This means that such projects are indeed necessary, and multidisciplinary studies must continue and comparative approaches must be encouraged, both at a micro- and at a macro-regional level. In the end, I recommend those volumes to all those interested in the archaeology and history of the migration period in Europe and in the transition from Late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages. This work is valuable both for the novelty and originality of each contribution and for being an example of what a large-scale project carried out by our colleagues in Poland can produce."
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Aleksander Bursche

Part 1: History, Theory and Environment

1 Migration Studies in Archaeology: Building a Circumstantial Case
Marzena J. Przybyła

2 Migration and Identity in Late Antiquity
Peter Heather

3 The Migration Period in Poland in the Light of Literary Sources
Marcin Wołoszyn

4 Pollen Evidence of Change in Environment and Settlement during the 1st Millennium AD
Anna Pędziszewska, Małgorzata Latałowa, Joanna Święta-Musznicka, Marcelina Zimny, Mirosława Kupryjanowicz, Agnieszka Noryśkiewicz and Karolina Bloom

Part 2: Between the Oder and the Vistula

5 The Chronology
Magdalena Mączyńska

6 Styles
Anna Bitner-Wróblewska, Alexandra Pesch and Marzena J. Przybyła

7 Settlements
Henryk Machajewski

8 Cemeteries and Burials
Henryk Machajewski and Jan Schuster

9 Early Migration Period Nomadic Finds
Judyta Rodzińska-Nowak

10 Shared Divine Imagery: Gold Bracteates
Alexandra Pesch

11 The Southern Baltic Region
Magdalena Mączyńska

12 Southern and Central Poland
Magdalena Mączyńska

Part 3: Case Studies

13 Kujawy (Central Poland) between Antiquity and Middle Ages
Marcin Rudnicki and Mirosław Rudnicki

14 Roman Origin and Migration Period Military Equipment from Kujawy
Bartosz Kontny and Marcin Rudnicki

15 The Hoard from Łubiana in Pomerania
Magdalena Mączyńska

16 The Hoard of Solidi from Karsibór in Western Pomerania
Anna Zapolska

17 The Gold Hoard from Suchań in Western Pomerania and Its Context
Aleksander Bursche and Bartłomiej Rogalski

18 New Evidence for the Migration Period in the Central Prosna Basin
Sławomir Miłek

Part 4: Beyond the Oder and the Vistula

19 Southern Scandinavia in the Migration Period – an Overview
Andreas Rau

20 The Making of the Vidivarii: Germanic and Baltic Interculturation in the Late 5th Century
Bartosz Kontny

21 The Balt Neighbours – the Olsztyn Group
Anna Bitner Wróblewska

22 Migration-Period Culture and Changes in the East European Forest-Steppe Zone
Michail Lyubichev and Kyrylo Myzgin

23 Who Were the Gepids and Ostrogoths on the Middle Danube in the 5th Century? An Archaeological Perspective
Zsófia Rácz

24 Between the Rhine, the Danube and the Oder from the 5th to the End of the 7th Century: a Sketch
Michael Schmauder and Jan Schuster

25 East Germanic and Alano-Sarmatian Finds of the Early Migration Period in the Roman West
Michel Kazanski

26 The Migration Period between the Oder and the Vistula: an Outline
Aleksander Bursche, Małgorzata Latałowa and Magdalena Mączyńska

Aleksander Bursche and Magdalena Mączyńska

All interested in the archaeology and history of the Migration Period in Central and Eastern Europe, and the phenomena of human mobility and environmental changes in the first millennium AD.
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