Scribal Education in the Sargonic Period


Scribal Education in the Sargonic Period is an in-depth analysis of the process of education for scribes during the period of Sargonic hegemony in ancient Mesopotamia (c. 2335-2150 BCE). The book provides a holistic study of the topic, addressing the technology of writing, the school texts used in education, the languages of instruction, and the social and historical context of scribal life and an education in cuneiform writing.

The topic of scribal education at such an early period of Mesopotamian history has never been addressed at length before. Nicholas Kraus convincingly argues that scribal education during the Sargonic period was closely tied to the administrative institutions of the Sargonic Empire and prepared a scribe to become an effective administrator.

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Nicholas Kraus, Ph.D. (2018), Yale University, is a Research Fellow in the Institut für Altorientalistik at the Freie Universität Berlin. He has published several articles about the social and political history of Sargonic rule in Mesopotamia, such as When the King Came Down to Sumer: The Royal Sojourn of Sar-kali-sarrē and the Court of Akkade (Iraq 2019).
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1 Introduction
 1.1 The Sargonic Period
 1.2 Previous Research
 1.3 The Concept of a Curriculum
 1.4 The Sources

2 Writing Technology and Paleography
 2.1 Tablet Manufacture
 2.2 The Stylus
 2.3 Tablet Layout and Organization
 2.4 Current Research on Sargonic Paleography
 2.5 Typology of Sargonic Tablets
 2.6 Contextualizing Paleographic Developments
 2.7 Tablet Orientation
 2.8 Summary and Conclusion

3 The School Texts
 3.1 Introduction
 3.2 Elementary Exercises
 3.3 Mathematics and Metrology
 3.4 Model Administration
 3.5 Literature
 3.6 Traditional Lexical Lists
 3.7 An Overview of the Curriculum

4 Scribal Education in Context
 4.1 Introduction
 4.2 Archaeological Evidence
 4.3 The Sargonic E₂-dub-ba-a?
 4.4 Literacy in the Sargonic Period
 4.5 The Language of Instruction
 4.6 Conclusion

5 After Akkade
 5.1 The Transmission of Knowledge
 5.2 Summary and Conclusions
Appendix: School Tablets
All persons interested in scribes, writing, and cuneiform education in the ancient Near East, and anyone interested in education and writing during an early period of history.
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