Alchemy Revisited

Proceedings of the International Conference on the History of Alchemy at the University of Groningen 17-19 April 1989


Alchemy revisited is an important collection of papers presented at an international congress held at the University of Groningen in April 1989.
Among the scholars whose work is presented her are Prof. N. Sivin (Chinese alchemy), Prof. B. Vickers ( res and verba in Greek alchemy), Profs. K. Figala and U. Neumann (with new material on Michael Maier), Prof. A.G. Debus (on iatrochemistry and the chemical revolution) and Prof. M. Crosland (on alchemy in the Age of Enlightenment). They and the other contributors give an unusually comprehensive survey of Indian, Greek, Arabic and European alchemy which will serve as an authoritative scholarly introduction to the subject for historians of science and related literature. (Prof. J.D. North contributes a short lecture on Chaucer's Canon's Yeoman's Tale).


Historians of science, medical historians.