Kitāb al-mustalḥaq by Ibn Ǧanāḥ of Cordoba

A Critical Edition, with an English Translation, Based on All the Known Judaeo-Arabic Manuscripts. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, Volume 11


Kitāb al-mustalḥaq is an addendum to the treatises on Hebrew morphology by Ḥayyūǧ, the most classic of the Andalusi works written during the caliphate of Cordoba and the benchmark for studies of the Hebrew language throughout the Arabic-speaking world during the medieval period. Kitāb al-mustalḥaq was composed in Zaragoza by Ibn Ǧanāḥ after the civil war was unleashed in Cordoba in 1013. This new edition includes an historical introduction, taking account of the major contributions from the twentieth century to the present day, a description of the methodology and contents of this treatise, a description of the manuscripts, and a glossary of terminology. This new edition shows how Ibn Ǧanāḥ updated his book until the end of his life.

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José Martínez Delgado, Ph.D. (2001), Complutense University of Madrid, Associate Professor at the University of Granada, works on the Sciences of Hebrew Language in al-Andalus (10th–12th centuries). He edited and translated Kitāb al-Taysīr by Shelomoh ben Sair (Granada 2010).
Preface and Acknowledgments
Transcription Guide

1 Abū l-Walīd Marwān (Yona) ibn Ǧanāḥ of Cordoba (c. 980–1050)
 1 The Early Years in Cordoba
 2 Lucena
 3 The Second Stage, Zaragoza

2 The Works of Abū l-Walīd Marwān (Yona) ibn Ǧanāḥ
 1 The Works of Ibn Ǧanāḥ in the Medieval Period
 2 The Editions of Ibn Ǧanāḥ’s Works
 3 The Study of Ibn Ǧanāḥ’s Works

3 Kitāb al-mustalḥaq fī l-afʿāl ḏawāt ḥurūf al-līn wa-ḏawāt al-miṯlayn ʿalā mā ṯabbat fī kitābī Abī Zakariyāʾ Ḥayyūǧ (Addendum to the Verbs with Weak Letters and with Geminates as Listed in the Two Books by Abū Zakariyāʾ Ḥayyūǧ)
 1 The Contents and Nature of the Treatise
 2 The Process of Writing and Transmitting Kitāb al-mustalḥaq
 3 Kitāb al-mustalḥaq Manuscripts



Small Fragments Edition and Translation

Glossary of Grammatical Terminology
Index of Sources
Index of Weak and Geminate Roots
All interested in the verbal morphology of Biblical Hebrew and in the history of the linguistic thought of the Jews throughout the Arabic-speaking world during the medieval period.
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