Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History Volume 15 Thematic Essays (600-1600)


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Christian-Muslim Relations, Volume 15, Thematic Essays (600-1600) is a further volume in a general history of relations between the two faiths from the 7th century to the early 20th century. The chapters within it illustrate the range, complexity, and dynamics of interaction between the two faiths during the first thousand years of encounter. All chapters primarily draw upon entries found in volumes 1-7 of Christian-Muslim Relations. They explore tropes of perception, image and judgement that each religious community held in respect to the other through these centuries, and discuss issues and topics that occupied Christians and Muslims in their interaction. The first millennium sets the scene for the modern era and our understandings of contemporary relations and issues.

Contributors are Mark Beaumont, Clinton Bennett, David Bertaina, Ulisse Ceceni, David Bryan Cook, Martha Frederiks, Ayşe İçöz, Sandra Keating, James Harry Morris, Nicholas Morton, Gordon Nickel, Juan Pedro Monferrer Sala, Tom Papademetriou, Gabriel Said Reynolds, Christian Sahner, Mark N. Swanson, Mourad Takawi, Luke Yarbrough.

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Douglas Pratt, FRAS, FRHistS, PhD 1984, University of St Andrews; DTheol 2009, Melbourne College of Divinity, is an Honorary Professor in Theological and Religious Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and holds honorary research positions elsewhere. Recent publications include Christian Engagement with Islam: Ecumenical Journeys since 1910 (Leiden, 2017) and The Challenge of Islam. Encounters in Interfaith Dialogue (Abingdon, 2017).

Charles Tieszen, FRHistS, PhD 2010, University of Birmingham, is an Adjunct Professor for Islamic studies and Christian-Muslim relations at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has recently published Cross Veneration in the Medieval Islamic World (London, 2017) and edited Theological Issues in Christian-Muslim Dialogue (Eugene OR, 2018).
[...] 'a thorough thematization and contextualisation of the selected entries is required, which has been done in an exemplary manner in the 15th volume. Certainly, this volume cannot do the complete contextualisation once and for all, but concentrates on certain topics [...]. This means that these contributions are exemplary for further work. The volume is also accompanied by a very practical index, which makes it easier to relate the entries in the previously published volumes 1 to 7 to the contributions in this volume.'
[...] the volume makes the complex history of Muslim-Christian relations easy for today’s academics. At the same time, however, it motivates further study of the material, as it offers a contemporary take on the themes and relationships from a millennium of Christian-Muslim relations.'

Serkan Ince, Tübingen, in Salzburger Theologische Zeitschrift, (2021) 25.1, pp. 102-106
Specialists in the history of Christian-Muslim relations, specialists in classical Islam, scholars of the Crusades, Islamicists, textual specialists, theologians and historians.
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