Jeremiah 52 in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah


In Jeremiah 52 in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah, Henk de Waard offers a thorough examination of the final chapter of the book of Jeremiah. Particular attention is paid to the chapter’s relationship with the parallel text in 2 Kings 24:18–25:30, to the differences between the Masoretic text and the Old Greek translation, to the literary function of Jeremiah 52 within the book of Jeremiah, and to the chapter’s historical context.
De Waard shows that, especially in the early text form represented by the Old Greek, Jeremiah 52 is not a mere appendix to the book, but a golah-oriented epilogue, indicating the contrasting destinies of pre-exilic Judah and the exilic community in Babylon.

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Henk de Waard, Ph.D. (2019), Theological University of Apeldoorn, is lecturer of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic at that university.

1 Introduction
 1 The Subject of the Present Study
 2 Main Lines of Previous Research on Jeremiah 52
 3 Outline of the Present Study
 4 Terminology and Editions

2 Translation, Structure and Contents of Jeremiah 52 // 2 Kings 24:18–25:30
 1 Translation
 2 Jeremiah 52 (MT): Structure and Contents
 3 Jeremiah 52 (G): Structure and Contents
 4 Comparison of JerMT, JerG, and Kgs
 5 Summary

3 The Relationship between Jeremiah 52 and 2 Kings 24:18–25:30
 1 The Dependency of Jeremiah 52 on 2 Kings 24:18–25:30
 2 The General Priority of the Alexandrian Text Form of Jeremiah 52
 3 The Vetus Latina of Jeremiah 52
 4 Examination of All Variants
 5 Conclusions
 Excursus: The Composition of Jer 38:28cd–39:14

4 The Place and Function of Jeremiah 52 within the Book of Jeremiah
 1 Methodological Considerations
 2 Jeremiah 52 in the Structure of the Book
 3 The Account of Jerusalem’s Fall (52:1–27b) in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah
 4 The Story of Jehoiachin’s Release (52:31–34) in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah
 5 Conclusions

5 The Inclusion of Jeremiah 52 into the Book of Jeremiah
 1 Introduction
 2 The Distinct Character of Jeremiah 52 vis-à-vis 2 Kings 25
 3 The Relative Date of Jeremiah 52
 4 The Historical Context of Jeremiah 24 and 52
 5 The Purpose of Jeremiah 52
 6 Conclusions

6 Later Editing of Jeremiah 52 and the Larger Book
 1 Later Editing before the Bifurcation into the Alexandrian and Masoretic Text Forms
 2 The Alexandrian Text Form
 3 The Masoretic Text Form
 4 Conclusions

7 Summary of Results
Academics, especially Jeremiah scholars, but also those interested in the book of Kings, the editing and transmission of Biblical texts, and (early) post-exilic Judaism.
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