Expatriation and Migration: Two Faces of the Same Coin


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Why are some people free to move around the world while others are constrained for crossing borders? This book challenges this crucial injustice that creates inequalities in the face of global issues such as climate change, wars, diseases and other local risk factors. The main theme of this collective work is to consider the representation of human displacement as a moral barrier between expatriates and migrants, with the former being seen as 'unproblematic' and 'desirable' while the latter is portrayed as 'problematic' and 'undesirable'. Surveys show that this binary categorization subsists on at least four continents, stigmatizing different categories of people.

Contributors are: Julia Büchele, Clio Chaveneau, Milos Debnar, Karine Duplan, Abdoulaye Gueye, Omar Lizarraga, and Chie Sakai.

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Sylvain Beck, Ph.D. in Sociology (2015), Paris-Sorbonne University, is Lecturer in Social Work at Cergy-Paris University. He has published Expatriation as emancipation. Towards another eye on international migrations? (Revue Sociétés Plurielles, 2021, in French).
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PART 1: Beyond Words: Questioning Categories and Defining the Problem

 1 Introduction: Categories of Expats and Migrants Issues in Reappraising Global Human Displacements
Sylvain Beck
 2 Behind the Words: On the Use of Expatriate and Emigrant in the French Context
Abdoulaye Gueye
 3 Privileged, Highly Skilled and Unproblematic? White Europeans in Japan as Migrants
Miloš Debnár

PART 2: Gender Differentiation within the Categories: Blurring Tradition and Modernity

 4 Expat Spouses as “Quasi Members” Inside a Privileged Migration in Kampala, Uganda
Julia Büchele
 5 Between Lifestyles and Economic Opportunities: The Gendered Expectations of Japanese Expatriates in China’s Global Cities
Chie Sakai

PART 3: Beyond the Privilege: The Expatriate as a Symbol of Modernity

 6 Enjoying the Advantages of Freedom: Multi-Local Practices of US “Pleasant Expats” in Northwest Mexico
Omar Lizárraga
 7 Privilege in Migration: The Benefits of Nationality for Northern Migrants in the Middle East
Clio Chaveneau
 8 The Expatriate as a Hero of Globalization? Privileged Migration and Neoliberal Ideology in Luxembourg
Karine Duplan
 9 Conclusion: Sharing a Common Humanity: Expats and Migrants in Anthropocene Narratives
Sylvain Beck

All readers interested in expatriation and migration studies, both in social sciences and human resource and management. This book is opened for students, academics but also practitioners like humanitarian, association for human rights and managers in multinational companies.
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