Post-Amarna Period Statues of Amun and His Consorts Mut and Amunet


The reign of the “heretic pharaoh” Akhenaten—the so-called Amarna Period—witnessed an unprecedented attack on the cult of Amun, King of the Gods, with his cult center at ancient Thebes (modern Luxor). A program to reinstate Amun to pre-eminence in the traditional pantheon was instituted by Akhenaten’s successors Tutankhamun, Ay, and Horemhab.

Damaged reliefs and inscriptions were restored and new statues of Amun and his consorts Mut and Amunet commissioned to replace those destroyed under Akhenaten.

In this study, over 60 statues and fragments of statues attributable to the post-Amarna Period on the basis of an inscription, physiognomy, and/or stylistic analysis are discussed, as well as others that have been incorrectly assigned to the era.

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The publications of Marianne Eaton-Krauss (Ph.D. 1978) span the art and history of Egypt from the earliest dynasties (ca. 3100 BC) down into the Christian era, but she is known today primarily for her work on “the boy-king” Tutankhamun’s reign.
Sources of Illustrations

 Amun’s Iconography
 Amunet and Her Iconography
 Genres Documented among the Post-Amarna Period Statuary of Amun
 Restoration of Pre- and Damage to Post-Amarna Period Statuary

 Alexandria, Cat. 1–2
 Baltimore, Cat. 2bis
 Berlin, Cat. 3
 Bordeaux, Cat. 3bis
 Boston, Cat. 4
 Brussels, Cat. 5
 Cairo, Cat. 6–20
 Chicago, Cat. 21
 Copenhagen, Cat. 22–23
 Deir el Bahari, Cat. 23bis
 Doha, Cat. 24
 Hanover, Cat. 25
 Houston, Cat. 26
 Karlsruhe, Cat. 27
 Karnak, Cat. 28–33ter  Khartoum, Cat. 34
 Leiden, Cat. 35–36
 Mit Rahina, Cat. 46bis
 Mougins, Cat. 47
 New York City, Cat. 48–49
 Paris, Cat. 50–54
 Philadelphia, Cat. 55
 Seattle, Cat. 56
 Turin, Cat. 57
 Warsaw, Cat. 58
 Location not known, Cat. 59–65bis
Anyone interested in the history of the aftermath of the “heretic pharaoh” Akhenaten’s reign, especially as reflected in statuary of Amun commissioned by his successors Tutankhamun, Ay, and Horemhab.
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