The East Asian Modern Girl

Women, Media, and Colonial Modernity During the Interwar Years


The East Asian Modern Girl reports the long-neglected experiences of modern women in East Asia during the interwar period. The edited volume includes original studies on the modern girl in Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria, Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, which reveal differentiated forms of colonial modernity, influences of global media and the struggles of women at the time. The advent of the East Asian modern girl is particularly meaningful for it signifies a separation from traditional Confucian influences and progression toward global media and capitalism, which involves high political and economic tension between the East and West. This book presents geo-historical investigations on the multi-force triggered phenomenon and how it eventually contributed to greater post-war transformations.

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Sumei Wang, Ph.D. (2008), Lancaster University, is Professor of Media Studies at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. She has published articles on mass media and modernity in Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television and Journal of Sport and Social Issues.
All interested in the modern girl and mass media, consumption and globalization and the history of interwar East Asia.
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