Feeding Istanbul: The Political Economy of Urban Provisioning


How was Istanbul, once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and now the financial heart of contemporary Turkey, provisioned in the early 19th century? Tracing how the sovereign’s duty to provision the city and protect his subjects from hunger was gradually transferred to the market and became a responsibility of the subjects (later, citizens) alone, Feeding Istanbul makes a compelling case for situating food politics, and politics of urban provisioning in particular, at the centre of the way we think about the relationship between the sovereign and the political community..

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Candan Türkkan, Ph.D. (2019), University of Massachusetts Amherst, is Assistant Professor of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at Ozyegin University. In addition to her academic publications on urban provisioning, alternative food networks and food banks in Turkey, she writes regularly for general audience on the politics of food in Turkey and beyond.
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1 Introduction
 1 Three Food Regimes
 2 So, What Are Food Regimes?
 3 Success vs. Failure: Scarcity, Hunger, Malnutrition, and Famine
 4 The Political Economy of Urban Provisioning
 5 Notes on Terms, Periodization, and Methodology
 6 Chapter Outlines

2 The Hungry Capital
The Provisioning of Ottoman Istanbul
 1 The Provisioning Apparatuses: Routes, Ports, and Actors
 2 Shared Provisioning Apparatuses
 3 Sovereignty and Kudret
 4 Timelines and Macro Processes
 5 Transitions: Global Wheat, Local Plum
 6 The Urban Food Provisioning Food Regime

3 Unruly Transitions
 1 The War Years and Republican Istanbul’s Codependent Provisioning
  1.1 Years of War
  1.2 Republican Istanbul
 2 Urban Provisioning During Unruly Transitions
 3 Scarcity in War vs. Scarcity in Peace
 4 The Emerging Food Regime

4 Planned Scarcities
 1 Growing Istanbul: The Pangs of Development or the Crisis of Capitalism?
  1.1 The 1950s: Menderes’ Istanbul
  1.2 The 1960s and 1970s: Volatile Growth
 2 A Rationed Sovereignty
 3 Urban Provisioning in Import Substitution
 4 The Codependent Provisioning Food Regime

5 Feeding Global Istanbul
 1 The 1980s: From Import Substitution to Market Liberalization
 2 The 1990s: A Decade of Crises
 3 The 2000s: A World City? Globalization and Istanbul
 4 The Contemporary Provisioning Apparatus
  4.1 In the Day of a Bazaar Vendor
  4.2 At the Hal
 5 A Precarious Sovereignty or the Sovereignty of Precarity?
 6 The Urban Food Supply Chain Food Regime

6 Diverging Paths
 1 The 2010s: From Consolidation to Domination
 2 The Future of Istanbul’s Provisioning Apparatus
 3 The Promise of a Different Future
 4 Of the Sovereignty, Political Community, and the Central Authority
 5 The Global and the Local

7 Conclusion

Appendix 1 Some Early Sources on Istanbul’s Bağ, Bahçe, and Bostan
Appendix 2 List of Various Foods Provisioned to Istanbul and Their Locations of Production

All interested in urban provisioning, food systems, food politics, and anyone concerned with right to food, political theoretical implications of transition to free market in urban provisioning practices.
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