The Situatedness of Translation Studies

Temporal and Geographical Dynamics of Theorization


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In The Situatedness of Translation Studies, Luc van Doorslaer and Ton Naaijkens critically reassess some outdated views about Translation Studies, and demonstrate that translation theory is far more diverse than its usual representation as a Western scholarly tradition arising from the 1970s onwards. They present ten chapters about lesser-known conceptualizations of translation and translation theory in various cultural contexts, such as Chinese, Estonian, Greek, Russian and Ukrainian. This book shows that so-called ‘modern’ arguments about translation practice encompassing much more than a linguistic phenomenon, can, in fact, be dated back and connected to several precursors, such as semiotics or transfer theory. In doing so, it theorizes and localizes discussions about perceptions of translation and Translation Studies as a discipline.

Contributors: Yves Gambier, Iryna Odrekhivska, Elin Sütiste & Silvi Salupere, Shaul Levin, Feng Cui, Natalia Kamovnikova, Anastasia Shakhova, George Floros & Simos Grammenidis, Anne Lange, Luc van Doorslaer & Ton Naaijkens.

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Luc van Doorslaer, professor at the universities of Tartu, Leuven and Stellenbosch, has published widely on Translation Studies, especially in relation to journalism, imagology and institutionalization. He is also Vice President of EST (European Society of Translation Studies).

Ton Naaijkens is full professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands for German Literature and Translation Studies. In his publications, he focuses on translation history, translation criticism and more generally on cultural transfer between the Dutch and German-speaking areas.
Notes on Contributors

1 Temporal and Geographical Extensions in Translation Studies. Explaining the Background
Luc van Doorslaer and Ton Naaijkens

part 1: Theorizing the Concept, the Object and the Discipline

2 Approaches to a Historiography of Translation Studies
Yves Gambier

3 Historiosophy of Translation. Reflecting on Ukrainian Translation Conceptualizations—from Ivan Franko to Maksym Strikha
Iryna Odrekhivska

4 Translation Seen through the Prism of the Tartu-Moscow School of Semiotics
Elin Sütiste and Silvi Salupere

5 Heeding the Call for Transfer Theory
Shaul Levin

part 2: Localizing the Concept, the Object and the Discipline

6 Political Ideology in the Translation of Occidental Modernist Literature in China in the 1950s. The Case of French Modernist Literature in Shijie Wenxue
Feng Cui

7 The Art and Craft of Translation. The Historical and Political Background of the Russian Translation Scholarship
Natalia Kamovnikova

8 Travelling Theories in Translation Studies. Rediscovering Fedorov
Anastasia Shakhova

9 Appropriation of Central Discourses vs. Local Tradition. Translation Studies in the Greek-Speaking World
George Floros and Simos Grammenidis

10 Total Translation: From Catford to Torop
Anne Lange

All researchers, scholars and practitioners interested in the influential position of translation in society, and in how translation has developed through times and in different areas worldwide.
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