Liberal Quaker Reconciliation Theology: A Constructive Approach


This work brings the fields of Christian theologies of atonement and reconciliation and Liberal Quaker theology into dialogue, and lays the foundation for developing an original Liberal Quaker reconciliation theology. This dialogue focuses specifically on the metaphorical language employed to describe the relationship of interdependence between humans and God, which both traditions hold as integral to their conceptions of human and divine existence. It focuses on these areas: the sin of human division and exclusion; atonement and reunification of humans and God as a response to sin; and the metaphors Liberal Quaker use to describe this interdependent relationship, specifically the metaphor of Light. This unique approach develops an original model of reconciliatory interdependence between humans and God that is rooted in both Christological and Universalist Liberal Quaker metaphorical and theological categories and utilizes the Liberal Quaker language of God as interdependent Light towards a new theology.

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Christy Randazzo, Ph.D. (2018), University of Birmingham is Affiliate Faculty at Montclair State University. They have published articles and chapters on Quaker theology, Liberal Quaker history, peacemaking, and ecotheology, including the upcoming co-authored work A Quaker Ecotheology of Light (Brill, 2020).
All interested in constructive theology, both within Christian theology broadly and Quakerism specifically, and any interested in theologies of atonement and reconciliation.