The Hittite Middle Voice

Synchrony, Diachrony, Typology


Prize winner: Eugenio Coseriu Award (2021)

This book offers a new treatment of the middle voice in Hittite. The book features two main parts. In the first part, the author provides an updated synchronic description of the Hittite middle based on the existing typology of voice systems and valency changing operations. Moreover, based on a careful analysis of a chronologically ordered corpus of original Hittite texts, the book offers the first ever diachronic account of the Hittite middle. As Inglese argues, the findings of this book greatly enrich our general knowledge of the diachronic typology of middle voice systems. The second part of the book features a thorough description of more than 100 Hittite verbs in original texts.

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Guglielmo Inglese, Ph.D. (2018), University of Pavia and University of Bergamo, has obtained a position as Junior Postdoctoral Fellow at KU Leuven. His research interests include historical linguistics and linguistic typology, with a focus on ancient Indo-European languages.
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 1.1 Goals and Structure of the Work
 1.2 The Middle Voice as a Linguistic Category
 1.3 Towards a Working Definition of the Middle Voice
 1.4 Aspect and Actionality
 1.5 Hittite Language and Texts
 1.6 Elements of Hittite Grammar
 1.7 The Hittite Middle Voice

The Hittite Middle Voice: a Synchronic Description
 2.1 Introduction
 2.2 The Function(s) of the Middle Voice in Hittite
 2.3 The Middle Voice and Verbal Derivation
 2.4 Lability and Voice in Hittite
 2.5 The Middle Voice in Hittite: Is a Unified Synchronic Account Possible?

The Diachrony of the Hittite Middle Voice
 3.1 Introduction
 3.2 The Middle Voice from Old to New Hittite
 3.3 The Origin and Development of the Hittite Middle
 3.4 Voice in PIE: Formal and Functional Reconstructions
 3.5 The Middle Voice from PIE to Hittite: a Summary

Middle Verbs in Original Hittite Texts: a Corpus Analysis
 4.1 Introduction
 4.2 Media tantum
 4.3 Verbs with Functionally Identical Active and Middle Voice
 4.4 Oppositional Middle Verbs
 4.5 Addenda: Unclear Verbs
The book is aimed at a threefold readership, including Hittitologists, scholars and students interested in Indo-European linguistics, and all interested in voice systems from a historical and typological perspective.
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