Rethinking Medieval Ireland and Beyond

Lifecycles, Landscapes, and Settlements, Essays in Honor of T.B. Barry


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This volume brings together scholarship from many disciplines, including history, heritage studies, archaeology, geography, and political science to provide a nuanced view of life in medieval Ireland and after.
Primarily contributing to the fields of settlement and landscape studies, each essay considers the influence of Terence B. Barry of Trinity College Dublin within Ireland and internationally. Barry’s long career changed the direction of castle studies and brought the archaeology of medieval Ireland to wider knowledge. These essays, authored by an international team of fifteen scholars, develop many of his original research questions to provide timely and insightful reappraisals of material culture and the built and natural environments.
Contributors (in order of appearance) are Robin Glasscock, Kieran O’Conor, Thomas Finan, James G. Schryver, Oliver Creighton, Robert Higham, Mary A. Valante, Margaret Murphy, John Soderberg, Conleth Manning, Victoria McAlister, Jennifer L. Immich, Calder Walton, Christiaan Corlett, Stephen H. Harrison, and Raghnall Ó Floinn.

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Victoria McAlister, Ph.D. (2013), Trinity College Dublin, is Assistant Professor of History at Towson University. She is the author of The Irish Tower House: Society, Economy and Environment, c. 1300-1650 (2019) and numerous other works on the Irish medieval built and natural environments.
Linda Shine, Ph.D. (2011), Trinity College Dublin, is an archaeologist with the National Monuments Service, Department of Housing, Heritage and Local Government, Ireland. She is the author of a number of peer reviewed publications on rural medieval settlement in Ireland and on public archaeology. She is the secretary of the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement.
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Notes on Contributors

Victoria L. McAlister and Linda Shine

PART 1: Reappraising Watery Settlement

1 Moated Sites in Ireland: The Current State of Knowledge
Kieran O’Conor

2 Castle Strategy and the Rock of Lough Key
Thomas Finan and James G. Schryver

3 Form, Function and Fluidity in Castles: Water and Fortification in Medieval Britain
Oliver Creighton and Robert Higham

PART 2: Rethinking Material Culture

4 Power and Literacy in Viking-Age Dublin
Mary Valante

5 Possessions, Luxury Objects, and Identity in Late Medieval Ireland
Margaret Murphy

6 Zooarchaeological Views into Late Medieval Ireland
John Soderberg

PART 3: Settlement and Landscape Afterlives

7 The Decline of the Settlement at Clonmacnoise
Conleth Manning

8 What Is Lost Can Be Found: History and Geographical Information Systems as Tools for Identifying Deserted Medieval Rural Settlement
Victoria L. McAlister and Jennifer Immich

9 Intelligence and Landscapes: Past, Present, and Future
Calder Walton

PART 4: Settlements in the Medieval and Modern Landscape

10 Stagonil, Powerscourt Demesne, County Wicklow: A Sub Manor of the Archbishop of Dublin
Christiaan Corlett

11 Arklow and the Cistercians: A Medieval Borough and Manor Reconsidered
Stephen H. Harrison

12 The End of Lagore: Later First Millennium CE, Medieval, Post-medieval and Modern Activity on an Early Medieval Royal Site
Raghnall Ó Floinn

Readers for this book include scholars and professional practitioners in the fields of medieval studies, Irish studies, archaeology, history, and castle studies. It will primarily be of interest to academics, heritage specialists, and heritage practitioners, especially those focusing on the UK and Ireland.
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