The Excommunication of Elizabeth I

Faith, Politics, and Resistance in Post-Reformation England, 1570–1603


著者: Aislinn Muller
In The Excommunication of Elizabeth I, Aislinn Muller examines the excommunication and deposition of Queen Elizabeth I of England by the Roman Catholic Church, and its political afterlife during her reign. Muller shows that Elizabeth’s excommunication was a crucial turning point for both Catholics and Protestants, one that irrevocably changed attitudes towards the queen, widened political participation and resistance, and posed a destabilising threat to her regime. The Excommunication of Elizabeth I demonstrates how this event exacerbated religious tensions in England’s foreign and domestic politics, and how Elizabeth’s conflict with the papacy shaped the development of anti-Catholicism in post-Reformation England.

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Aislinn Muller obtained her Ph.D. in History at the University of Cambridge (2017). Her work on religious politics in post-Reformation England has appeared in publications such as British Catholic History and Studies in Church History. This is her first book.
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Note on the Text

 1 Queen Elizabeth’s Excommunication in Post-Reformation Politics
 2 Elizabeth’s Excommunication in Surviving Records

1 The Excommunication of Elizabeth I in International Politics
 1 Making the Case for Elizabeth's Illegitimacy, 1558–1569
 2 Interpreting and Executing Regnans in Excelsis

2 Transmitting the Excommunication of Elizabeth I
 1 Distribution and Reception in the 1570s
 2 Catholic Missions and the Circulation of Regnans in Excelsis, ca. 1580–1603
 3 Debating the Excommunication’s Legitimacy

3 Spreading the Word? Regnans in Excelsis in Protestant Discourse
 1 Humour, History, and Anxiety in Printed Responses to Regnans in Excelsis
 2 Protestant Translations of Regnans in Excelsis

4 The Excommunication in Foreign and Domestic Policy
 1 Threats from Spain and Scotland, ca. 1570–1579
 2  Regnans in Excelsis and the Coming of War, ca. 1580–1588
 3 Wars with Spain, France, and Ireland, ca. 1589–1603

5 Political Engagement, Subversion, and Resistance in England and Ireland
 1 Sedition as Resistance: Perceptions of Elizabeth after 1570
 2 Alternatives to Violence: Prohibited Objects, Recusancy, and Public Disobedience
 3  Regnans in Excelsis and Resistance in Ireland


Anyone interested in Elizabethan politics and anyone interested in post-Reformation English Catholicism and anti-Catholicism.