Chrysomeloidea I (Vesperidae, Disteniidae, Cerambycidae)

Updated and Revised Second Edition


Volume Editor: Mikhail Danilevsky
The aim of Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera is to provide a tool that addresses the most urgent needs:
1) a complete list of available names of taxa occurring in the Palaearctic Region with authors and publications dates,
2) a list of references to primary publications,
3) distributions of the species and subspecies.
Thus, the Catalogue is expected to respond to questions related to biodiversity, and to increase the badly needed nomenclatural stability.
The present updated and revised Catalogue is a collective international work by 12 authors from Austria, Belgium, China, Korea, Japan and Russia. It includes about 6453 species names of 913 genera. The general structure and the taxonomic, distributional and bibliographical information of the first edition of the Catalogue are followed with minor changes.

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Mikhail Danilevsky, Ph.D. (1977), A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, is a senior researcher. He has published more than 200 scientific works including 5 monographs, including “Longicorn Beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Russia and Adjacent Countries. Part 1. (Moscow: HSC, 2014).
Taxonomic Information
Distributional Information
Bibliographic Information
Editor and Authors

New Nomenclatural, Taxonomic and Geographical Acts, and Comments
Taxonomy and Geography Remarks


 family Vesperidae
  subfamily Vesperinae
 t  ribe Vesperini
 s ubfamily Philinae
   tribe Philini
 family Disteniidae
  subfamily Disteniinae
   tribe Cyrtonopini
   tribe Disteniini
   tribe Dynamostini
  family Cerambycidae
  subfamily Parandrinae
   tribe Parandrini
  subfamily Prioninae
   tribe Acanthophorini
   tribe Aegosomatini
   tribe Anacolini
   tribe Callipogonini
   tribe Cantharocnemini
   tribe Ergatini
   tribe Eurypodini
   tribe Macrotomini
   tribe Meroscelisini
   tribe Prionini
  subfamily Lepturinae
   tribe Caraphiini
   tribe Encyclopini
   tribe Enoploderini 119
   tribe Lepturini 153
   tribe Oxymirini 153
   tribe Rhagiini 154
   tribe Rhamnusiini 179
   tribe Sachalinobiini 180
   tribe Teledapini 180
   tribe Xylosteini 180
  subfamily Necydalinae 181
  subfamily Spondylidinae 184
   tribe Anisarthrini 184
   tribe Asemini 184
   tribe Atimiini 186
   tribe Nothorhinini 187
   tribe Saphanini 187
   tribe Spondylinini 188
   tribe Tetropiini 188
  subfamily Apatophyseinae 189
   tribe Apatophyseini 189
  subfamily Cerambycinae 191
   tribe Achrysonini 191
   tribe Anaglyptini 191
   tribe Brachypteromini 194
   tribe Callichromatini 194
   tribe Callidiini 204
   tribe Callidiopini 212
   tribe Cerambycini 214
   tribe Certallini 222
   tribe Cleomenini 222
   tribe Clytini 225
   tribe Compsocerini 225
   tribe Deilini 257
   tribe Graciliini 258
   tribe Hesperophanini 259
   tribe Hylotrupini 263
   tribe Molorchini 263
   tribe Mythodini 268
   tribe Obriini 268
   tribe Oemini 271
   tribe Opsimini 274
   tribe Pelossini 274
   tribe Phoracanthini 274
   tribe Prothemini 275
   tribe Psebiini 276
   tribe Pseudolepturini 276
   tribe Purpuricenini 277
   tribe Pyrestini 283
   tribe Srenhomalini 284
   tribe Stenopterini 285
   tribe Thraniini 289
   tribe Tillomorphini 289
   tribe Vesperellini 290
   tribe Xystrocerini 290
  subfamily Lamiinae 291
   tribe Acanthocinini 291
   tribe Acanthoderini 299
   tribe Agapanthiini 300
   tribe Ancylonotini 310
   tribe Apodasyini 311
   tribe Apomecynini 321
   tribe Astathini 330
   tribe Batocerini 332
   tribe Ceroplesini 334
   tribe Dorcadionini 337
   tribe Dorcaschematini 373
   tribe Eunidiini 375
   tribe Exocentrini 376
   tribe Gnomini 381
   tribe Gyaritini 381
   tribe Homonoeini 382
   tribe Lamiini 383
   tribe Mesosini 386
   tribe Monochamini 395
   tribe Morimonellini 416
   tribe Morimopsini 416
   tribe Nyctimeniini 418
   tribe Parmenini 420
   tribe Petrognathini 420
   tribe Phrynetini 421
   tribe Phytoeciini 421
   tribe Pogonocherini 446
   tribe Prosopocerini 448
   tribe Pteropliini
   tribe Saperdini
   tribe Tetropini
   tribe Tragocephalini
   tribe Xenoleini


Index to Family-Group Names
Index to Genus-group Names
Entomologists, students and professors of biological institutes, staff of zoological museums, collectors of beetles, nature-lovers.