“Your friend if ever you had one”– The Letters of Sylvia Beach to James Joyce


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This is the first-time publication of long-lost letters by a crucial figure in modernist publishing. Carefully edited and extensively contextualised, they document Beach’s unwavering, all-embracing support for Joyce’s art by publishing his controversial Ulysses in Paris in 1922 and other efforts such as getting fragments of Work in Progress published. They also reveal her difficulties with his uncompromising and demanding personality, as it is vividly illustrated in the Frankfurter Zeitung affair. The edition moreover includes all extant letters to Paul Léon, her successor after their break-up following severe disagreements over the American edition of Ulysses. Joyceans and scholars of modernism will find this an indispensable resource for further research.

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Ruth Frehner and Ursula Zeller, long-time curators at the Zürich James Joyce Foundation, have edited essay collections, curated Joyce exhibitions, participated in the revision of Wollschläger’s classic German translation of Ulysses and, jointly and separately, published articles on various topics. Ursula Zeller has also developed dramaturgic concepts for Joyce’s fiction that were performed on stage in Zürich, while Ruth Frehner has focused on introducing Joyce’s literary universe to local students. Their next joint project will be a centennial exhibition on Ulysses 2022.
“Since the 1980s, the European Joyce Studies series has consistently published the best and most innovative work in Joyce studies. When taken individually, each volume offers precise and insightful scholarship and when taken together the series illustrates the evolution of the main trend-lines within Joyce studies.”
- Sam Slote, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

“Looking back at the production of the European Joyce Studies series over the years, we realize that is has no equivalent for the number of significant volumes published in the different areas of Joyce scholarship. I would like to emphasize particularly its unparalleled contribution to the genetic approach of Joyce.”
- Daniel Ferrer, Director of Research Emeritus at the Institut des textes et manuscrits modernes (École Normale Supérieure-CNRS), France
These letters are important for experts and students alike, indeed anyone interested in Joyce, Modernism, publication history, book marketing, feminism, literary Paris, early reception history, multilingual literatures and comparative studies.
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