The "Strong Poet"

Essays in Honor of Lous Heshusius


Volume Editors: Linda Ware and Emily A. Nusbaum
The “Strong Poet”: Essays in Honor of Lous Heshusius is an edited volume focused on the research, scholarship, and leadership of one of the earliest proponents of radical change in the field of special education. This volume is part of the series Critical Leaders and the Foundation of Disability Studies in Education, a collective history of the ecology of ideas that gave way to the emergence of the field of Disability Studies in Education (DSE). The series formalizes the value of attending to a history, distinguished by Steve Taylor (2005), as one that existed before it was named DSE. In this volume the contributors borrow from the venerable life work of Lous Heshusius, to center her original claims, early research, and the enduring challenge she posed to special education against examples from their own practice and personal histories. Each chapter recovers aspects of the genius of Heshusius that ultimately disrupted status quo thinking about disability. Specifically her attention to recognizing the lives and desires of those that society too often relegates to categories and contexts devoid of self-direction and authentic agency. In brief, we find in Heshusius, a researcher who sought to privilege the voice of individuals with disability. She was among those who drew from and elaborated upon the methods and tools of qualitative research.

Contributors are: Julie Allan, Alicia A. Broderick, Danielle M. Cowley, Deborah J. Gallagher, Emily A. Nusbaum, and Linda Ware.

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Linda Ware, independent scholar, has focused her research, scholarship and teaching on critical analyses of special education. Her recent work includes the monograph Critical Readings in International Disability Studies: (Dis)Assembleges (Springer, 2020).

Emily A. Nusbaum is an Assistant Professor at University of San Francisco. She has won awards for her dissertation and early career contributions to disability studies in education. She teaches graduate courses in DSE and critical, qualitative research.
Series Introduction
 Linda Ware
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Lous Heshusius, the “Strong Poet”
Linda Ware and Emily A. Nusbaum

1 Boredom, Refusal, and Disbelief, Coming to the Work of Lous Heshusius
 Linda Ware
2 New to the “Family of Malcontents”: Reflections on an Early Career of Creative Discontent
 Emily A. Nusbaum
3 Seeking the Real in an Unreal World on Reading Lous Heshusius
 Alicia A. Broderick
4 Reflexivity with and without Self: Lous Heshusius’s Purposeless Listening Exercise
 Julie Allan
5 The Illusion of Our Separativeness: Exploring Heshusius’s Concept of Participary Conciousness in Disability Research and Inclusive Education
 Deborah J. Gallagher
6 Respect for the Ghost, Justice for the Living: A Sociological Haunting 30 Years in the Making
 Danielle M. Cowley

All interested in the evolution of disability studies in education as it has been informed by the foundational contributions of Lous Heshusius, renowned critical special education theorist and qualitative researcher.