Mythic Imagination Today

The Interpenetration of Mythology and Science


Mythic Imagination Today is an illustrated guide to the interpenetration of mythology and science throughout the ages. This monograph brings alive our collective need for story to guide the rules, roles, and relationships of everyday life. Whereas mythology is born primarily of perception and imagination, science emerges from systematic observation and experimentation. Both disciplines arise from endless curiosity about the workings of the Universe combined with creative urges to transform inner and outer worlds. Both disciplines are located within open neural wiring that gives rise to uniquely human capacities for learning, memory, and metaphor. Terry Marks-Tarlow explores the origins of story within the social brain; mythmakers and myths from multiple cultures; and how contemporary sciences of chaos and complexity theories and fractal geometry dovetail with ancient wisdom. The ancient Greek myth of Psyche and Eros is unpacked in detail—origins of the very concepts of ‘psyche’ and ‘psychology’.

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Terry Marks-Tarlow, Ph.D. (1983, UCLA), is a clinical psychologist in Santa Monica, California. She is adjunct professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute and California Institute of Integral Studies, plus lead editor and illustrator of A Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology (Cambridge Scholars) and author of among other books and articles on nonlinear science, neurobiology, and clinical intuition.

Mythic Imagination Today
The Interpenetration of Mythology and Science
Terry Marks-Tarlow
 1 Myths and Mythmaking
 2 Introducing the New Sciences
 2.13 The Magic of Mythology
 3 Psyche and Eros Today
 4 Foundations: Curiosity, Memory and Metaphor
Anyone interested in the evolution of science, origins of story within human neurobiology, and the role of mythology to guide everyday life.
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