Colonial Encounters in Southwest Canaan during the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age


In Colonial Encounters in Southwest Canaan during the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age Koch offers a detailed analysis of local responses to colonial rule, and to its collapse. The book focuses on colonial encounters between local groups in southwest Canaan (between the modern-day metropolitan areas of Tel Aviv and Gaza) and agents of the Egyptian Empire during the Late Bronze Age (16th–12th centuries BCE). This new perspective presents the multifaceted aspects of Egyptian colonialism, the role of local agency, and the reshaping of local practices and ideas. Following that, the book examines local responses to the collapse of the empire, mechanisms of societal regeneration during the Iron Age I (12th–10th centuries BCE), the remnants of the Egyptian–Canaanite colonial order, and changes in local ideology and religion.

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Ido Koch is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures at Tel Aviv University.
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 1 Egyptian Colonialism and Canaan in Scholarship: an Overview
 2 Notes on Nomenclature
 3 Chronological Framework

1 Dawn
 1 Decline and Revitalization of Settlements during the Late Bronze I
 2 The Advent of Egyptian-style Objects
 3 Reassessing the Levantine–Egyptian Interaction during the Late Bronze I

2 The Egyptian Network
 1 Modeling the Egyptian Colonial Network
 2 Egyptian and Local Centers
 3 Local Rulers and the Egyptian Court

3 Goddess in Translation: The Fosse Temple at Lachish
 1 Introducing the Fosse Temple in Lachish
 2 Assessing the Change
 3 Hathor and Tiye
 4 The Cult in the Fosse Temple in Context

4 Ambivalence
 1 Building Deposits
 2 Conspicuous Consumption
 3 The Equestrian Goddess
 4 Range of Reactions

5 Collapse
 1 Questioning the Philistine Paradigm
 2 In Search of the Early Philistines

6 Regeneration
 1 The Yarkon Basin
 2 The Shephelah and the Coastal Plain
 3 The Besor Basin, or: the Problem with Gaza
 4 Retrospective

7 Reorientations
 1 Animal-based Economy and Accumulation of Wealth
 2 Pottery Production and Communal Feasting
 3 Religion
 4 Interpreting Reorientations

8 In the Eye of the Beholder
 1 The Egyptian Connection
 2 Canaanite Innovations
 3 Local Glyptic Production during the Iron Age I–IIA

Summary: Colonial Encounters in Southwest Canaan in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age

Appendix: Chronology of Egyptian Kings
All interested in the history and archaeology of the southern Levant during the Late Bronze Age and early Iron Age, as well as those interested in ancient colonial encounters.
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