Psalm 91 and Demonic Menace


In Psalm 91 and Demonic Menace Gerrit Vreugdenhil offers a thorough analysis of the text, structure and genre of Psalm 91. Already in its earliest interpretations, Psalm 91 has been associated with the demonic realm. The use of this psalm on ancient amulets and in magic texts calls for an explanation. Examining the psalms images of threat from a cognitive science perspective, Vreugdenhil shows that many of these terms carry associations with sorcery and magic, incantations and curses, diseases and demonic threat. The psalm takes demonic threat seriously, but also draws attention to the protection offered by JHWH. Finally, the author proposes an outline of the situational context in which Psalm 91 might have functioned.

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Gerrit C. Vreugdenhil, Ph.D. (2013), Utrecht University, The Netherlands, is associate researcher at the Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam). He has published various articles on the subject of demons in the Old Testament.
Institutes, academic libraries, post-graduate students and all those interested in biblical interpretation of the Psalms in relation to Near Eastern concepts of evil spirits and demons, biblical theology, incantations, amulets and apotropaic practices.
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