Prussian Strategic Thought 1815–1830: Beyond Clausewitz


Carl von Clausewitz is still considered one of the most important writers on military strategy. In Prussian Military Thought 1815-1830: Beyond Clausewitz , Jacek Jędrysiak offers a new perspective on the context of his legacy, with a detailed analysis of Prussian military thought after the Napoleonic wars and an examination of the development of certain institutions, such as the General Staff, leading to a more nuanced understanding of Clausewitz’s work. The dominance of the famous figures of Clausewitz and Helmuth von Moltke the Elder has obscured much about the Prussian army in the 19th century. In this study, Jacek Jędrysiak reveals the forgotten face of the Prussian army.

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Jacek Jędrysiak , Ph.D. (2014), University of Wrocław, is an Assistant Professor in the Historical Institute at that university. He is an author of many articles about the Prussian army, and is editor-in-chief of the military journal Przegląd Historyczno-Wojskowy (Military-Historical Review).

 1 Determinants of the Study of the History of the Prussian Army in the 19th Century
 2 Methodology and Research Methods
 3 Structure of the Work

Part 1: Conditions for the Development of Prussian Military Thought in the Years 1815–1830

Introduction to Part 1

1 Kingdom of Prussia as an Element of the European Balance of Power

2 Prussia’s Internal Situation and Problems Organising Its Armed Forces after 1815

3 Restoration of the Prussian ‘Military Monarchy’ and Organisation of Military Authorities

4 Defence Planning in Prussia in the Years 1815–1830

5 Institutional Impact on Prussian Military Science, Didactics, and Literature

Part 2: Prussian Defence Planning in the Years 1815–1830

Introduction to Part 2

6 The Strategic Views of Hermann von Boyen and Karl von Grolman

7 Prussian Strategic Concepts in the Years 1815–1819

8 The Military-Theoretical Views of Karl von Müffling

9 Evidence of Prussian Defence Planning in the years 1820–1830

Part 3: Prussian Strategic Thought in Military Literature in the Years 1815–1830

Introduction to Part 3

10 Johann Otto August Rühle von Lilienstern and his Vision of the Art of War

11 Carl von Decker and Works Published under his Auspices in the Years 1815–1830

12 The Art of War from the Point of View of Georg Wilhelm von Valentini

13 Johann Friedrich Constantin von Lossau and his Der Krieg für wahre Krieger

14 First Works of Heinrich August von Brandt


Appendix: Biographies
All interested in military history, strategic thought and the Prussian army, and anyone concerned with Carl von Clausewitz's On War and the background of this work.
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