The Cave 3 Copper Scroll: A Symbolic Journey


In The Cave 3 Copper Scroll: A Symbolic Journey, Jesper Høgenhavn presents a reading of the Copper Scroll as a literary text. For more than 60 years, scholars have debated whether or not the treasures recorded here reflect historical realities. This study argues that the dichotomy between “facts” and “fiction” is inadequate for a proper understanding of the Copper Scroll. The document was designed to convey specific images to its readers, thus staying true to the format of an instruction for retrieving hidden treasures. Yet, the evoked landscape is dense with symbolical associations, and the journey through it reflects deliberate narrative patterns. The scroll was written against the background of the social and political turmoil of Jewish Palestine in the 1st century CE, and reflects contemporary concerns and interests.

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Jesper Høgenhaven dr. theol., is Professor of Old Testament at the University of Copenhagen. He has published a number of books and articles on biblical theology, the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Judaism, and reception history of the Bible.
....In short, this methodologically rich monograph invites us to explore the literary landscape of hidden treasure inscribed on a precious artefact that was itself hidden for almost two millennia, and it advances the scholarship on the Copper Scroll significantly.

Charlotte Hempel, SOTS Review
Anyone interested in the Bible, ancient Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical interpretation, and the history of religion.