Pilgrimage and Economy in the Ancient Mediterranean


In Pilgrimage and Economy in the Ancient Mediterranean, Anna Collar and Troels Myrup Kristensen bring together diverse scholarship to explore the socioeconomic dynamics of ancient Mediterranean pilgrimage from archaic Greece to Late Antiquity, the Greek mainland to Egypt and the Near East. This broad chronological and geographical canvas demonstrates how our modern concepts of religion and economy were entangled in the ancient world. By taking material culture as a starting point, the volume examines the ways that landscapes, architecture, and objects shaped the pilgrim’s experiences, and the manifold ways in which economy, belief and ritual behaviour intertwined, specifically through the processes and practices that were part of ancient Mediterranean pilgrimage over the course of more than 1,500 years.

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Anna Collar (Ph.D. Exeter 2009), is Lecturer in Roman Archaeology at the University of Southampton, UK. She has published on topics relating to Roman cults, landscapes and network analysis in archaeology, including Religious Networks in the Roman Empire (CUP 2013).

Troels Myrup Kristensen (Ph.D. Aarhus 2009), is Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology at Aarhus University, Denmark. His research interests are ancient Mediterranean pilgrimage, visual culture and contemporary engagements with classical heritage.

Contributors are: Anna Collar, Marlena Whiting, Hélène Aurigny, Marietta Horster, Robin Jensen, F.S. Naiden, Esther Eidinow, Troels Myrup Kristensen, Louise Blanke, Max Ritter, Barbara Kowalzig, Dan-el Padilla Peralta.
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1 Embedded Economies of Ancient Mediterranean Pilgrimage
Anna Collar and Troels Myrup Kristensen

part 1: Movements

2 Movement, Labour and Devotion: a Virtual Walk to the Sanctuary at Mount Kasios
Anna Collar

3 Braided Networks: Pilgrimage and the Economics of Travel Infrastructure in the Late Antique Holy Land
Marlena Whiting

part 2: Communities

4 Gathering in the Panhellenic Sanctuary at Delphi: an Archaeological Approach
Hélène Aurigny

5 Hellenistic Festivals: Aspects of the Economic Impact on Cities and Sanctuaries
Marietta Horster

6 Housing Pilgrims in Late Antiquity: Patrons, Buildings, and Services
Robin M. Jensen

part 3: Transactions

7 The Monetisation of Sacrifice
F.S. Naiden

8 ‘What Will You Give Me?’: Narratives of Religious Exchange
Esther Eidinow

9 Space, Exchange and the Embedded Economies of Greek Sanctuaries
Troels Myrup Kristensen

10 Pricing Salvation: Visitation, Donation and the Monastic Economies in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt
Louise Blanke

11 Do ut des: the Function of Eulogiai in the Byzantine Pilgrimage Economy
Max Ritter

part 4: Sociological and Comparative Perspectives

12 Festivals, Fairs and Foreigners: Towards an Economics of Religion in the Mediterranean Longue Durée
Barbara Kowalzig

13 Gods of Trust: Ancient Delos and the Modern Economics of Religion
Dan-el Padilla Peralta

Academics, postgraduate and undergraduate students and all interested in the material culture of pilgrimage, economy and religious experience in the Ancient Mediterranean and early Christian worlds.  
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